• http://twitter.com/K8_e_bug K8 Veinot

    I’ve given up on Nokia PrimePlace and Bing. As soon as PrimePlace was announced, I went and verified 4 local clients. ….1 week later, their listings disappeared! They weren’t corrected… They weren’t there at all! I contacted Nokia, they had someone call me back (I was “top priority”) a WEEK later, just to tell me that sometimes it takes a couple weeks for the new listings to show up with the correct information.
    Well, I just checked and they’re there now… but with the old, incorrect information.

    Great work Nokia. *facepalm*

  • Michael Logan

    The one thing I’m waiting on the Nokia Prime Place portal to have is bulk upload functionality. I have also found it to be “buggy.” The Bing Business Portal in some ways is better in my opinion than Google’s. However if they truly want to gain a larger share of the search market, they may want to eliminate the price scale they currently have. They currently only offer 3 free uploads per year before your company is required to pay for additional uploads. If Bing is serious about gaining more of the market share from Google, they would drop this stipulation. It would only make SMB’s and larger scale more inclined to import their NAP content there.

  • rmonitor

    This “One of the advantages with Nokia Prime Place integration with Bing is that the business owners can with a single registration register their places to both Bing and Nokia services. Prime Place integration with Bing is currently available in selected countries.”
    Ref: http://primeplace.nokia.com/help/faq

    In another question about countries, the US is not listed as a country where integration is present. Its Canada, Germany, India and UK. Maybe US is in the works and being tested? Hence all those bugs and ‘no comments’.

    And one more

    Why am I redirected from Bing Local to Nokia Prime Place?

    You can claim your listing at Nokia Prime Place and get in front of millions of customers searching for local businesses across Bing, Nokia and their partner sites.

    Nokia looks more and more as the future source for local and maps in Bing.

  • http://twitter.com/petrakraft Petra Kraft

    Bing Business Portal is available in the US only. Nokia Prime Place worldwide. Wouldn’t that be a good reason?

  • Michael Logan

    Thanks 3Wedge. Rmonitor, you’re right on spot with your observations. I have confirmed that Microsoft and Nokia have some agreements in place at this time that keep the Nokia’s Prime Place level of integration with Bing to the international markets. This the reason behind what you found on the link you referenced.