• http://www.facebook.com/people/Csilla-Incze/100003498040436 Csilla Incze

    Great post Jordan. Indeed the stakes are higher where social media is concerned, now that Search Plus Your World entered the picture. But, I believe that this should not effect the way we “do” social marketing (except for the authorship markup part). What it does effect is how we do SEO, now that SM has a bigger part of the pie.

    Keep up the good work,
    Csilla Incze

  • http://www.8castles.us James Hu

    Jordon, nice post! Makes sense…share, share, share and you will be rewarded. It’s almost like going back to elementary school and relearning the art of sharing! 

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    @James – Yes, funny how those fundamentals come full circle. Thanks!

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    @Csilla – You are correct. Thanks for your comment!

  • GrowTraffic

    This is so important, one of the things about the internet and being an seo is that people have really bought in to the myth of sitting back and letting the money roll in. It’s really turning out to be a re-education process to get them to start thinking of themselves in the social sphere – many of them don’t see the value of it and are resisting doing it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grajkishan Raj Kishan Ganta

    That was real great suggestions. As U rtly said traditional SEO is cummbersome but is there to stay. As per your suggestions Social SEO seems a bit easy and convenient.new ideas. lInk post,
    positive thinking. lInk post

  • http://usman.co/ Usman Latif

    A really great post Jordan. This has become real important but I’ve been finding it difficult to make my clients understand the worth of Social SEO. They are reluctant at the moment to invest in social media. They know its worth but not in terms of SEO. Posts like yours help get them understand well about the things that are difficult to tell otherwise.

  • http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com/ justinrfrench

    Thanks for sharing this Jordan- really powerful. I have been preaching this since 2009 and it finally seems to have gained mainstream with many businesses.  Many are still behind the curve.  If the businesses keep focusing on ROI of social media, they may get a wake up call over the next few years because they have just been slapped in their face with ROI (The return of ignoring) social business. Cheers

  • http://twitter.com/EthicalSEO1 Ethical SEO

    This is a great piece of information and I’m really curious if in the future we will see a more social oriented search result from Google. There will always be new emerging social networks that make this very interesting and the quickly evolving tools to be used for SEO purposes as well. 

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks Usman! It’s much easier to sell Social when it can also help SEO too :)

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    No longer can you just sit back. It’s definitely a constant effort. Thanks @GrowTraffic:twitter 

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks Raj!

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    It takes years of preaching for people to finally get the picture. SEO was a tough sell years ago and now social media is :)

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    I think Google is pushing that VERY hard right now.

  • joserico

    Thanks! great tools! 
    Jose Rico

  • http://twitter.com/Dotcom_Monitor Dotcom-Monitor

    Ah, mind the balance of enthusiasm and details….Keep in mind that adding all the social media buttons etc… can slow page speed load time. Sometimes significantly. Also Google+ is not visible for many international users coming to US websites….. 

  • Ali hendaoui

    Great info, thank you.

  • Ali hendaoui

    Great info, thank you.

  • http://www.virante.com/blog Mark Traphagen

    Some great tips in this article, but the screen shot indicated does not show any “casual G+ posts.” It shows posts in the People and Pages on Google+ box, which only triggers for a select set of keywords, and only shows the very top users’ posts.

    However, your statement is true. I’m now at 11,000 followers on Google+ and climbing rapidly. Since late last year I’ve been able to see more and more of my regular, public G+ posts showing up highly ranked in search for longtail keywords. For an example of a post of mine from almost eight weeks ago that still ranks very high (currently #2) for a KW that has some search volume, search for “google+ page analytics” in a non-personalized Google search. 

    I now have tons of such posts showing up in Google search, many times outranking the original content I was sharing on G+. I’m trying to decide what factors are causing this for me: following on G+, the relative influence of followers, posting frequency, engagement, my AuthorRank from my use of rel=author on all my web content….or some mix of any or all of those.

  • http://www.livinginthailand.net/ Neale

    Seems like google is finally getting to a place where it’s very hard to stay on top with a “hands off approach” build it and forget it, is gone :-)

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Thank you!

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Very good point and something everyone should keep in mind!

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Yes, it definitely requires some resources and attention now.

  • AaronParrish

    Jordan, great article! You recommended in point #3 to “set your articles to automatically post on Google+…” Can you or anyone else tell me how to do that? Haven’t figured that one out yet.

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Congrats on your success. I think some of those big factors you’re looking at are definitely AuthorRank and follower quantity at this point. Expect the amount of factors and weight of each factor to evolve rapidly though.

  • http://www.virante.com/blog Mark Traphagen

    I’ve been in search marketing for years. I know they will “evolve rapidly” ;-) They’d better, because right now it’s kind of wild west, and some crappy results are being served up.

    If you’re reading this today (20 March), try an incognito, logged out of Google search for “can google+ be fixed?” You should see a post from me at #1, where it’s been for a full day. At the moment I’m writing this, the rankings below that are all G+ posts: 

    #2 from Thomas Morflew
    #3 from Thomas Power
    #4 from Peter G McDermott

    Here’s the kicker: only the post by McDermott actually has content about “Can Google+ be Fixed?” The other three are all re-shares of his post, yet outrank his. So any search user clicking on them would have to click again on his post link within our posts to get to the actual content. 

    This is all very interesting, and I’m flattered that I’m able to outrank some users who have way more followers on G+ than I do, but in the interest of good search results, Google has some work to do on relevancy.

  • http://www.virante.com/blog Mark Traphagen

    I don’t believe you can, except with HootSuite Pro, which partnered with Google and was given special access. There is no published incoming API yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Mack/100003143957705 Roger Mack

    Thanks for sharing such a great posts
    Check this : Top Social networking sites to increase blog traffic

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    No problem. Thank you!

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    I believe this is what I’m using 

  • http://www.virante.com/blog Mark Traphagen

    But that just finds Twitter friends on Google+. It doesn’t create Tweets to Google+

  • http://www.facebook.com/gunjan.pandya Gunjan Pandya

    This is a really good article about social SEO strategies… I am sure this strategies will definitely helpful to USA market… now one question raised in my mind that pinterest is also helpful to pin our services or products in European market. Is this strategy will be helpful to non English websites?

  • Sunny Mannan

    This is a good information.

  • http://twitter.com/Moumitablogger Moumita Ghosh

    Excellent post Jordan….

  • Guest

    This statement made me really like this post: “Traditional SEO isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, as social becomes increasingly integrated with search, it’s time to add social media as a permanent tool in our SEO arsenal.” I’m really glad you recognize that and had the wherewithal to point it out. So many “SEO bloggers” just publish so much BS about how social has replaced links and so on. They do it to boost their own traditional SEO efforts, that’s the funniest part. Anyways, nice post and great tie in at the end.

  • Tammy Emineth

    Google loves it’s own tools and we just can’t ignore or fight it. If we start using their tools, they will notice us more and more. GREAT article and insight. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gilad-David-Maayan/573615381 Gilad David Maayan

    Great post, thank you for the insights

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WDCXSB2EBPK4CL32VIXMWO2HU4 Joe

    jordan  – is this seo for mass appeal, or is this more of a target marketing approach?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3EO7XGEFTXJXYR463LI66D2OY Rubix

    Nothing new here. This is the same stuff you hear regurgitated at every social media/seo/analytics event, and by every “wannabe expert” tweeter. If you weren’t aware of these things already, you need to find a new line of work. 

  • http://SonnyLanorias.com/blog Sonny Lanorias

    Hey Jordan,

    Great post! Thanks for keeping us up to date of whats working now! Cool stuff. This was also what I predicted 3 years ago when I started blogging. Thanks again for sharing your great stuff.


  • KevinClark_devEdge

    I’ve seen people jump in search indexing and rank just by connecting their facebook page with their website. Blogging too, just for having one. Social, SEO, and Website Optimization are truly starting to work hand-in-hand now. Personally think it’s a good thing.

    Thanks for a well-written article.

  • http://www.708media.com Chris Edwards

    Jordan, great article. It is amazing where the social space has started to go. I work with my clients and try to get them to understand why they need to use social media, this article just helps me give them proof as to why they should. I have also found with my blog that the more I tweet, the better results I get from search engines, especially when others start retweeting my post. 

  • http://passportvisas.myopenid.com/ PassportVisas

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking G+ was not so important but since analyzing data recently(which I usually never do), I was surprised to see more impact from G+ than our Twitter page. We have been on Twitter for two years and G+ for two months and it’s clear that we should raise G+ priority over Twitter. Facebook is still king for us though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlakeWaddill Blake Waddill

    Good thinking, although, I don’t totally agree with having so many share options.  Especially for a site with smaller readership, having too many options may lead a user to skip sharing outright.  Maybe focusing on 2-3, and then selectively adding others for specific posts would make more sense?

  • http://marcscottonline.com/ Marc Scott

    I’ve been avoiding G+ because I just don’t feel like I have enough time for yet another social media account. After reading this, apparently I need to re-evaluate and make time. Great tips. Thank you.

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    Well explained, I agree that social media is one of the greatest tools in driving a lot of web traffic to our sites. :) http://saveenergyandsavemoney.blogspot.com/