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    I find myself going back and forth from google to twitter for search queries. In case of topics like coupons I’m seeing far more recent results via twitter vs relevant results (which are usually expired coupons) via google.

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    Great article, lots of really good information in there. I really do wonder if they could be a search authority in the future? Do people click on links from search? What do people actually use Twitter search for anyway? My guess would be that the majority of searches are done by people looking to add friends or market to people haha.

    If anyone’s going to take their ads seriously they first have to fix the Fail Whale issues that plague the social network every day. I’d give them a test, but they also better be dirt cheap!

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    I don’t like the new Twitter search at all. Just compare the results for SEO there with Topsy. On Twitter search you only get crap by celebs who ridicule SEO and no SEO resources. I’ve written about that. Also the ads don’t show up as ads once you retweet them. As Twitter si mostly about retweets it’s very sneaky.

  • seogibraltar

    Great read. I’m on the fence still about twitter search, perhaps it’s because it;s making Google look old and dated now,,,unless you happen to need the original Iphone, and information straight from wikipedia.

    Still, IF, twitter could properly filter out all the rubbish from your search term, and give you the information you need….let’s brace ourselves!

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleObama7 Clifford Bryan

    That’s fine by me. The popular tweets is a good idea. hopefully they can fine tune it for tweeters that game the system. If not, Twitter just becomes another Digg.