• andyh

    Google Maps is a clusterf*@k

    Here are two more real-life examples of how it can screw with its hundreds of customer’s daily:

    1. When I was in college in DC, Google Maps once sent me into the middle of the bad DC ghetto to find a Home Depot that wasn’t there. I even called them and got a person, they had just placed it in a completely wrong part of town.

    2. Recently I called to make a hotel reservation in LA, I got the hotel phone # from Google Maps, it was a hotel employee’s personal phone number.

    These kinda things happen to thousands of people every day on Google Maps, especially now that they use it for popular apps on Blackberries and GPhones. Google has a responsibility to audit the quality of its algorithms and index for local.

  • http://fastcall411.com richrosen

    Matt – Nice article. I guess this data issue is a plug for Localeze and their Confidence Score.

    I posted a related article on issues with Google’s mobile results: Left in the Dark: Mobile Local Search from Google, Yahoo and MSN on the FastCall411 blog:


  • KeithGriffiths

    Great article; It must be said that if people use ‘Google’ to spam they have to be careful! The local listing provides a great way to Drive Traffic for specific business types.

    I believe that Google is in the process of testing the Google Local Listing at the moment and they are aware of current activities in relation to Local Listing spamming (loco spamming).

    Did anyone notice the singular term change in Google whereby if you search for Hotels, this activated the Google local listing section which is now based on IP Location; this is a Great move by Google! I believe this will reduce the amount of spamming in the Local listing section.

    In relation to this comment below;

    ….At this point, it makes you wonder, is it time to send Google Maps and the Local Business Center back to the drawing board?….

    With the technical abilities of the development team @ Google; there Business listing development system far precedes other Local business listings at driving traffic.

    By Keith Griffiths.