• don

    Less then a 1% change! “Based on our research” I would love to know how they conducted this research.

    I am seeing 20% increase in visits, and I don’t use campaign tracking internally. If you take a look at the comments on webmaster world and the official blog post, it is clear that this is a large problem that is effecting way more then 1%.

    How I am supposed to evaluate these new metrics on steroids vs my previous metrics?
    Today vs Yesterday
    Visits (+19.59%)
    Pages/Visit (-17.66%)
    Bounce Rate (+13.80%)
    Avg. Time on Site (-22.62%)
    % New Visits (-18.03%)

  • http://www.jeremypost.com/ Jeremy Post

    This GA update has inflated our organic search traffic 30% and caused our engagement metrics (PPV, Bounce Rate, Time on Site) to drop in proportion. While we have a couple of UTM campaign codes scattered on internal links, the sheer volume of “phantom” visits this update has created is beyond the scope of those few links.

    The bottom line: I agree with the spirit of this GA update, but it seems like Google dropped the ball on testing — and should have considered implementing this as an account option — not forced all GA users to treat sessions the way Google sees fit.

  • http://europeforvisitors.com Durant Imboden

    I’m seeing a big difference, too, which means that comparing new data with historic data is like comparing apples and oranges. To make matters more confusing, Google just deployed Panda 2.4 worldwide, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what traffic changes are real or the result of GA’s new methodology.

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    website optimizer conversion rate just plumnetted for all my clients, seeing insane spikes in returning users segment, massive drops in new user segment. basically i can’t compare this to any historical data at all.

  • http://www.joshuahedlund.com joshuahedlund

    I am also seeing severe increases in pageviews without any increase in visits, along with severe increase in bounce rate, decrease in average page views, time on site, conversion rate, etc. This is only affecting one of my sites, and only in Search traffic (not DIrect or Referral) but the affect is visible across multiple browsers, search engines, and other discernible metrics. I am not using any campaign parameters discussed above. Comparisons are useless and I also hope Google doesn’t decide to penalize me because my bounce rate went up…

  • http://www.christopherryanparker.com/ Chris Parker

    I’m seeing a 25-30% increase in sessions from search only. Seems as if a user coming in from search is being calculated as 1 visit, then once they click a link, another visit. Thus, my bounce rates are skyrocketing, time on site plummeting and PV per session dropping as well.

    Google is ignoring the hundreds of tweets being sent to @GoogleAnalytics, while many webmasters are seeing similar results. Analytics is now garbage. I’m not using any tracking parameters either, and very, very low PPC.

  • ldeibler

    Has Google rolled this change? I know there was a lot of blow back, and starting yesterday, numbers seem to be more in line with numbers prior to the change.