• Jamie White

    I imagine this will still have just as poor a response rate as any normal removal request

  • http://www.rivmedia.co.uk/ Adam H

    Haha, its those kind of requests that we all like to see, something a little human.

    We get requests to one of our forums every now and then for removal of users signature links, Generally the typical removal request we get consists of “Your link is hurting us, please remove it or will tell Google you are not responsive” which kind of doesnt give anyone the enthusiasm to help.

    Props to the creative mind behind something a little more humorous.

  • http://www.CheesyCorporateLingo.com/ Patrick Reinhart

    Good for these guys. I can imagine that bloggers and webmasters get very robotic emails to remove links all the time and at least these guys are giving them a laugh.

  • http://www.stickywebz.com Thomas Hake

    Very cool idea.

  • Durant Imboden

    Clever, but not scalable.

    Appreciation will turn to annoyance when inboxes are invaded by copycats.

  • http://jakebohall.com Jacob “Jake” Bohall

    Interesting concept… might be worth our giving some more flexibility in Remove’em templates :)

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    I guess the upside to all this is that because I ignored all those requests for links and guest blogging through the years I now don’t have to put up with this link removal nonsense. #luckyme

  • http://www.webtalentmarketing.com Web Talent Marketing

    Only disappointed we didn’t see this before the link removal request we did this morning. :)

  • http://www.measurableseo.com Chuck Price

    At Measurable SEO, we make it easy to respond by including an action link in the bottom of each link removal request:

    I have removed the link
    I will not remove the link
    This website does not belong to me

    This action also unsubscribes the webmaster and eliminates the need for an email reply.

  • Rob Kissell

    I’m going to try the same with my reconsideration request….

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Nice Idea :)

  • pankaj thakur

    i have a Question In mind if i have already Disavowed all of my bad links then may i have to send the email’s for the Link Removal to them.

    I think its take to much time to send Link Removal Requests to Different websites.

    Pankaj Thakur

  • Konnectivity

    How to get spam links removed where the request will go nowhere? Yes, can disavow links but doesn’t always make you feel like it did anything

  • http://www.neverpaintagain.co.uk/ NPA Home Improvements

    Does anyone here think of the fact that we shouldn’t HAVE TO do this? If you yourself placed the link, OK< but what about scrapers and spammers? For example I found 2 links on a german site pointed at mine yesterday, with offensive text in the url too. I didnt place them there! Obviously a rival site did as its happened to us before. I ask, nicely, for removal and they say they want 20 euros! So what do I do? Pay the b*******rd or report him to google?

  • Trevor Cree

    Yesterday, for the very first time in 17 years, I had a request from an adventure travel company to remove legitimate links from my directory website because they had been blacklisted by Google. In effect what this means is that Google is targeting legitimate but small directory websites (via their customers) so that they will never be able to sell banner advertising to those potential customers. This practice is clearly anti-competitive. I fully appreciate that Google is right to act against fraud but it is about time that they used human judgement rather than rely of algorithms in their assessments. It now seems clear to me that Google are the real pirates.

  • Durant Imboden

    Were you selling links or listings (ads)? There’s a difference.

    Assuming that you weren’t selling Pagerank, why not educate the customer? Explain that the links from your directory have nothing to do with the customer’s Google problems because they don’t pass PageRank. You might even want to point out that, if the customer has been penalized by Google, traffic from other sources (such as industry directories) will be even more important than it was before the penalty.

  • Guest

    Creative, but I wonder if webmasters had a hard time taking it seriously and if it actually hurt the conversion rate? We have lots of success just being overly friendly and also educating the webmaster as to why we are sending them the request. You would be surprised with how well people respond to being polite and professional!

  • http://zavgo.com joshmalan

    Lol I love that! Not only is that super clever, but I’m sure that it was way more effective than just another random e-mail that gets deleted. Thanks for shareing!

    Josh Malan founder of Zavgo inc.

  • clevergareth

    You’d have thought that the people running these sites would just take the whole site down. Would be quicker than having to deal with the “thousands” of link removal requests they’re receiving every day, allegedly. But ultimately less lucrative, I guess.

  • https://twitter.com/b2bmarketing13 Abhishek Bhan

    Well this is too mainstream you know. Many Webmasters won’t open that mail. Many Webmasters don’t bother if your link on their Website is harming you or not, they just simply don’t care. In my personal opinion the best way is to firstly filter out all the bad links and you have to be very sure about those links that they are spammy or bad links and are harming your website. After that you can simply disavow those links without asking help from others.

  • kamaldws

    Some guys are sending same mails which is very irritating. But yes it’s response rate very low. I have done normal link removal task for 20+ client but got only 5% response rate and only 1% guys are ready to remove the links. you will surprise but 90% webmasters are not ready to remove without any charge. They are asking $5-$100 to remove the toxic links.

  • http://fionainternational.com/ Saday Kumar

    I have also removed so many spam backlinks pointing to my client websites by writing emails to the webmaster, some of them remove my links withing 2 to 3 days. But what to do for those sites who needs money for removing backlinks. I am not getting this idea that when they didn’t charge any thing while adding my website links then why they are charging now for removing links.

  • Adam Leel

    Great idea! It’s also got brilliance.com a lovely bit of PR on Search Engine Land.

  • Trevor Cree

    Thanks for your comments Durant. To clarify matters I was certainly not attempting to influence PageRank or create unnatural links. I had simply added 45 banner advertisements on behalf of a company on my legitimate adventure holiday and backpacking directory. Perhaps the following scenario may explain what is of serious concern here. Company ‘A’ sells adventure holidays. Company ‘B’ has an adventure holiday and backpacking directory that has multiple sub-categories including mountaineering holidays, trekking holidays, travel insurance, and equipment sub-categories such as tents, waterproof clothing, walking boots, sleeping bags etc. Company ‘A’ decides to pay for banner advertisements on the Company ‘B’ directory because it feels that it will enhance its sales. If, for example, a visitor to the walking boots page on the Company ‘B’ directory sees the Company ‘A’ adventure holiday banner advertisement they may well contact Company ‘A’ for further information. The Company ‘B’ directory, which has a low PageRank of 2, has been part of the Google AdSense program for many years and has three Google banners per page. Google has never made any complaint to the Company ‘B’ directory about its operation. Without warning Google writes to Company ‘A’ and tells them that they have been given a Manual Penalty by Google which results in the visibility of Company ‘A’ on Google Search declining significantly. At the same time Google tells Company ‘A’ that they must reduce the number of inbound links (banner advertisements) on the Company ‘B’ website from 45 to one and then make a reconsideration request to Google. Company ‘A’ then writes to Company ‘B’ who agrees to remove those links even though they are genuine banner advertisements. In the meantime Google still places its AdSense banners on the Company ‘B’ directory website where it has effectively forbidden Company ‘A’ to do so. Shortly after every other company advertising on the Company ‘B’ directory receives a Manual Penalty from Google and in turn they ask Company ‘B’ to remove their own banner advertisements. Unable to survive on Google AdSense income alone the legitimate Company ‘B’ directory goes out of business because nobody but Google is effectively permitted to advertise at that website location without losing their Google Search ranking. The first question that should be asked is has the Google PageRank algorithm always discriminated against directory websites by lowering their PageRank because they compete (in a very small way) with Google Search? The second question to be asked is are Google using the Manual Penalty to totally eliminate directory type websites from the internet and further enhance the virtual monopoly that they have over internet search? My own view is that this is simply a Google SNAFU. Others more qualified may not be so forgiving.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Hi Pankaj,

    Disavowed file is valid after sending removal request. If you upload the disavow file before sending link removal request, It would not be valid.

  • pankaj thakur

    thanks Sweta Srivastava but how can we send
    link removal request to those websites that don’t have any of the contact information

  • Dale Richardson

    You never know until you try ;)

  • Tiya Lian

    my website has increased a sum of spam backlinks suddenly,which lead the keywords rank dropped,but we didn’t receive the “google link removel request”,we try to submitt that domains to google Refusal link center,but it’s useless,tha bad links are increasing day by day.all that links can’t be opened except links from one domain, after we contact to this domain webmaster through facebook,that urls been disabled.also we contact to several other domains’ webmaster, on reply,now i feel helpless,i don’t know how to remove the spam links and when my website can recover.any good ideas? hope to get you reply.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    You can disavow them directly by putting a comment on disavow file..

  • http://barefootmeg.multiply.com barefootmeg

    A’rgh. You should pirate them right back. A friend charged $300 to remove 25 spam comment links and they paid up. It’s a win-win. They get what they want and you get a little extra cashola.