• http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Good post, Frost. Direct mail veterans like me would add another point: demographic/ psychographic data has never been a good predictor of interest. It’s never very accurate, and even when it is it doesn’t predict performance. Past behavior is a far better predictor of future behavior than audience profiles. The power of search has always been that you know what the person is interested because they just told you they are interested and they are supremely in the moment. RTB allows display advertisers to reach folks based on behavior…not quite so in the moment as search…but much, much more effective than audience targeting.

  • Marty

    Nice! We’re not totally buying it. REtargeting amplifies initial targeting either to everywhere or a filtered subset of everywhere. If inbound traffic is weak, then retargeting reflects weakness. Awesome traffic that converts is amazing when retargeted. Thanks for the thinking and contribution to the dialog.