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    Mike: The series on Mapspam was fascinating. While you may have been grabbed by the notion on how to respond to the businesses without addresses…and presented an idea…I was grabbed by the series of blog entries that you did on this….and one element in particular pulled from the interview.

    Mapspam works.

    Businesses without addresses can bulkload information into googles business center and can generate a lot of calls and leads.


    On top of that a business without addresses can do so and generate calls.

    Currently they can get away with it unless commentators (possibly competitors) identify it and report the spaminess of the information.

    Google is reportedly working on ways to stem this automatically, but lets see when that is in place.

    In fact, while writing this it strikes me…that during the early portion of 2007 the onebox from G maps was being inserted into organic searches far more frequently then they are doing now.

    Could it be that Google identified the volume of misinformation within G Maps before anyone else and consequently decreased the number of inserts to reduce comments and complaints? I don’t know…but the evidence is that Google Maps (and Yahoo and MSN Local) are curently filled with data that needs intensive cleansing to achieve a higher level of accuracy and relevancy.

    In any case your blog entries were terrific and a great read and this post further addresses issues with regard to the evolution and usage of G Maps.