• AdMamu

    Nice info, but some how feel the info as very conventional and looks like from text books….theoretically, all points are good….but how to deal with them with practical examples would be of more help

  • TD

    Nice article and questions Brian. Have you ever tried using different remarketing messages to test your hypothesis? Maybe do a campaign addressing the main categories and rotating in ads to see which message resonates best for people that might’ve visited key pages but didn’t complete the goal?

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    TD, I have not tried this sort of thing with retargeting, but what a perfect use, especially abandonment retargeting messages (display and email).

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    AdMamu, as always I wish we could share the results of our client tests with everyone, but they are so squeamish about their competitors learning from them. Specifics are always better and I’ll try to bring more detailed examples in my column here.

  • andreawarner

    Hey Brian! Great article. People always want to know what to test, and in what order. You’ve asked some great questions and laid out a really nice plan here. Thank you!

  • Michael Hence

    Great article. Even though this article is general and not industry specific, I think it helps to reach a wider audience. Not only that but it really gets you thinking about where to look on a site for conversion improvements. I have noticed a couple of things really help to laser target problem areas on websites. In Google Analytics I always check which pages have the highest drop off rates. This tells me that I really need to think about better calls to action on those pages. Next I really love taking advantage of the goals tool in Google Analytics to gage increases or decreases in conversion rates on specific pages.