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    Something obviously hit a note…

    I imagine this quotation being taken from Asa Dotzler, red faced, fists clenched jumping up and down, “we continue to have Google as the default engine because it continues to be the best choice for our users — completely independent of revenue. Suggesting otherwise without some evidence is total horse ***** ”

    Laugh out loud funny.

    Thank you: for both your insight and your early morning laughs.

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    Danny, Bing is my current default search. It wasn’t quite as good as Google (in my opinion.) My math is pretty simple, I get the results I’m looking for with my first search on the first page of results (above the fold) 29 out of 30 searches with Google (I’ve been paying attention, yes.) At Bing I get the results I’m looking for with my first search on the first page of results only about 3 out of 4 times. I don’t think it’s that I haven’t adapted to the slightly different algorithm yet because I’ve been using Bing a lot for the last few months. I think it’s just not quite as good.

    On to Firefox defaults. I’ll repeat, Google does not dictate what search services we include in Firefox. We do have a contract with them for the default spot that we’ve evaluated and renewed several times over the last five years. But Google in no way controls what additional searches we include.

    Here’s how we’ve traditionally thought about search. First, it’s localized. Not every country or region will have the same defaults because not every search service has the same user benefit in every country or language. For example, Yandex is the default in Russia and Baidu is the default in China. That’s because both are superior to Google and preferred by our users in those countries. Second, search isn’t monolithic. We see several kinds of search and want to include those various types in Firefox. So, we’ve traditionally had the most popular general search as the default, then the second most popular in the number two spot. After that, we include the most popular ecommerce search for the region (not always Amazon, for example, Mercado Libre is more popular in Latin America so it owns that spot) followed by the most popular bidding search like Ebay in the US. Then we have Wikipedia which has great global coverage as the encyclopedia type search. We build this list of search services with our locale communities telling us what’s most important. Once that’s established, we reach out to the companies that provide those search services and establish revenue relationships where appropriate (we don’t charge Wikipedia for our traffic like we do Google, for example.)

    Now, a year ago, Yahoo was preferred by a lot more users as the number 2 search to Google (where Google was the default.) Today that may not be the case and we are constantly re-evaluating our search list for possible improvements. I think, for example, that we’re considering a new search category — people or social.

    My _personal_ opinion is that we should drop Yahoo from the number 2 spot and replace it with Bing. Yahoo gave up on search and outsourced it to Bing anyway. That’s just my personal opinion, though, and I don’t trump the wishes of our users. Also, Yahoo still has a better privacy policy than Bing. That’s also worth considering.

    Any commercial search service would gladly pay Mozilla for the tens of billions of searches that Firefox users perform each month. That gives us the freedom to do what we think is right and to not worry about the revenue. We’ve turned down many very lucrative offers to add to or replace our existing defaults. It’s just not about the money and that’s an awesome luxury we have.

    Then there’s the long-term future of search in the browser and whether or not our UI is ideal for exposing choice and variety to our users. I hope we improve that too just as I hope we continue to react to what the search providers are doing and what our users are demanding.

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    I think I know what you want to see and get done with that post of urs. : )

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    Dude, get a spell checker. I have a general rule that the first typo I encounter tells me to stop reading and move on to another article,due to the writer obviously being incompetent, lazy or just plain dumb. I mean seriously, who the hell hired you?