• http://www.PrestonHanisko.com Preston Hanisko

    This is really confusing to searchers as well. Our company has/had over 300 reviews on our Yahoo listings. These numbers are still being reflected on our review extensions in Bing/Yahoo ads. However, if a customer goes to our Yahoo Listing it now shows only Yelp reviews, which is a significantly less amount of reviews. Thus, Yahoo & our company lose a little bit of credibility. They really should have done a better job of rolling out these changes.

  • Thomas

    “Yelp, one of the most trusted, relevant sources of consumer business reviews” such blind BS. Yelp is crap, too bad they extort their customers and have such a POS algo, if they would just simply let all the reviews be seen and let the site visitors decide what to trust they would be much better off. :/

  • Daniel Elmore

    Obviously Yelp strong-armed Yahoo on this part of the partnership. “There’s no way we will allow you to mix your hollow user remarks with our premium sourced real reviews.” Yelp always gets their way.

    The negative local SEO ramifications of this are immense. Want to remove all your competitor’s Yahoo reviews?

  • Scott Davis

    Yelp needs to go out of business. I’m soooo tired of fighting with them about suppressed reviews, only showing fake-negative reviews and hiding all of the positive reviews if you refuse to pay them for advertising.

    Yahoo & Bing,

    Develop your own rating & review system or at least use Yahoo’s old data and not this questionable, mostly fake data from Yelp, please. Perhaps one of the few times I can say, “Thank God for Google having its own reviews & not using Yelps!!!”

  • Scott Davis


    “Yelp reviews” & “real” should never be used in the same sentence.

  • northsounder

    It’s Yahoo and is to be expected. Just like everything else they have “improved” and rolled out in the last year, it is half-tested and riddled with bugs. Sorry your company is losing credibility but Yahoo doesn’t have much to start with. That’s what happens when you have a nitwit running the company who is more concerned about hobnobbing with celebrities and having her picture in Vogue.

  • https://twitter.com/FireBlogger FireMan

    I’m actually surprised anyone uses Yahoo! Local for anything. Yelp is the de facto local review site.

  • David Silver

    YELP is bankrupt and will never make a profit. Search Google “yelp scam”, “yelp extortion” , “yelp mafia” and see over three million results. Any small business man with a smartphone recognizes extortion and mafia tactics when YELP! calls. jeremy stoppelman is a master lair and con-man. He sells his yelp stock as soon as he can because it is worthless. 67k paying members out of 54M business listings.

  • Sharon Conner

    Ouch, so many Yelp haters on here. I think the moral of the story for a SMB could be don’t put all your review eggs in one basket.

  • http://mimichau.com Mimi Chau

    That’s absurd that they didn’t think about combining the two set of reviews from Yelp and Yahoo Listing, instead of wiping reviews from Yahoo completely! Whoever made the call on this made a huge mistake. Now, local businesses will have a hard time trusting Yahoo or Yelp in the future. That’s terrible!

  • http://www.binary-garden.com/ Frank Huebner (binary-garden)

    We already had that!
    Back in 2013 “Yelp” bought one of Germany’s most popular platform for local business reviews, “Qype” – with exactly the same results. Hundreds of good reviews of my customers turned into “not recommendable” overnight, with not a single good one left above. Even worth: it seems that turned off reviews don’t even count for voting stars, a circumstance that inspired Germans news magazine “DER SPIEGEL” to headline their article “Star Wars”.

    It’s a pitty. I really liked “Yahoo!” back in the 90s and I think that it’s time for a little
    competition on the searchengine market.