• http://www.seo-united.de Gretus

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for mentioning us. Also try to search for `ab´, which normaly should be adobe (?) Yahoo uses it´s own sites as default (!) suggestions, only shows others when there´s no own service in the line of typed letters. Very funny…



  • employmentlawyerchick

    How incredibly lame. I’m guessing Yahoo is going to have to change this soon. They’re having a hard enough time getting people to use them for search over Google. Moves like this is only going to make it even harder for them. If it’s not useful, people aren’t going to use it!

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    Like Carol Bartz has always said, Yahoo! is not a search engine. So why did anyone bother looking? This isn’t news.