• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    I look forward to using Yahoo! Search Pad and I think you are right on it may not be a search game changer, but will hopefully bring more users over to Yahoo!

  • http://www.frankelcoachinggroup.com crisfrankel

    Isn’t this the same type of thing that the Google toolbar does with visited pages?

  • http://eyePlorer.com georg.rehm

    I’d like to mention our graphical knowledge engine, http://eyePlorer.com. After entering a search term or dragging one of the displayed example concepts into the search box you’re presented with related and associated concepts. These concepts as well as short texts (just hover over one of the terms with the mouse pointer) can be dragged and dropped onto the notepad. Its main functionality is a bit like Yahoo Search Pad, although currently we mostly process Wikipedia content — more to come very soon now, please stay tuned.

    Got feedback? Please drop me a line at georg.rehm@vionto.com.


    Disclaimer: I work for the company that develops eyePlorer.com.