• http://www.seoloser.com SEO Loser

    I’m hesitant to post this because I know it’s a lame comment, but I have to say it anyway just because it’s so specific. I actually personally searched for a guide to laminating a few years back when I needed to get something laminated with an iron, and remember being frustrated when the majority of what I found were sales pitches :)

    Anyway, I get your point and don’t mean to detract from the post. Just goes to show that you have to think about the search term from more than one perspective.

  • Tinu

    That is so true, Jill. I still keep an eye on Google Alerts, but it’s crazy how some people hear about a technique that works (or did work once) and fubar it up for everyone by creating spam.

    The logic sucks! What do they think is going to happen when their potential client gets to a page in a splog? They will click away and subconsciously begin to discount whatever method that took them to that spot as useless.

  • http://www.seo-pr.com Greg Jarboe

    You are absolutely right, Jill. Optimizing a press release, blog post, or web page that doesn’t have original and unique content of genuine value is just plain dumb. Blog, news and web search engines don’t convert into visitors or prospects. The people who use blog, news or web search engines MIGHT convert into visitors and prospects IF the content is compelling. Great stories generate great results.

  • Jac

    I guess the tricky part is breaking the news to some business owners that their products and/or services aren’t particularly blog or article worthy. Some may think they are but be flooding the internet with things that the average searcher is not looking for and can not use.