• treepodia

    These findings are extremely valuable. 2012 has truly been the year of the mobile.

  • http://bit.ly/cW3dT1 Dennis

    I’m just always skeptical when I see these sort of reports, it’s the source I struggle with.

    YP has just never been a go to for me. Their online data has not been reliable (garbage in garbage out) since the Internet came to life. The old phonebook always had what I need when picked up but their online listings seem to have multiple databases feeding off each other as seen in the search results, old businesses mixed in with new ones, same address with multiple phone #’s, contacts etc. The address never changes is a given.

    Also, if I’m understanding the graph on “Clicks to Call”, the # 2 Click to Call search term is “Bus Lines”? Really??? Who are those searching out for a bus line calling?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sadhakm Sadhak Mandal

    Nice information. The “most clicked” categories of 2012 mentioned will help to understand the local retirement for the marketers.