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Bill Dinan is president of Localogy, a not-for-profit trade association comprised of technology, marketing and media service providers and multi-location brands that help small businesses thrive in an increasingly localized world. Bringing deep expertise on how local commerce industries are evolving with new technology and business approaches, Dinan has successfully led and grown companies over the last few decades, including, Acquisio, Telmetrics and others.

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Analytics & conversion

Resolving The Online-Offline Attribution Challenge With DNI

It is a classic online attribution challenge: tracking offline leads driven by online sources. Interactive agencies and digital publishers are using SEM to drive leads for national and local advertisers but aren’t getting credit for the calls generated by the programs. The solution is DNI (dynamic number insertion) technology which enables a business’ phone number […]

Analytics & conversion

4 Ways Post-Call Conversation Analytics Demonstrate Intent & Validate Conversions

Advertisers today should be leveraging new developments in voice recognition speech-to-text technologies to glean key insights and identify important trends across their inbound caller base. Post-call conversation analytics are most effective in determining which ads or SEM campaigns are driving quality inbound phone leads and drilling into key caller intelligence. When combined with pre-call analytics […]

Analytics & conversion

Real-Time Call Data Yields Key Insights on Phone Leads

In my prior article, I focused on the value of pre-call analytics in determining which ads or SEM campaigns drove consumer calls, as well as identifying specific pre-call consumer behavior and engagement points. Now we’re moving into the second piece of the call measurement puzzle—capturing real-time insights from consumer calls. This step allows companies to […]


How To Reduce SEM Churn With Integrated Customer Intelligence

Turnover in the SEM world has been a long-standing challenge as annual churn estimates from Borrell Associates range from 50-70 percent. While every organization cites a slightly different number, the issue represents real revenue dollars as finding and onboarding a new client or a new SEM agency is no small endeavor. However, with new tools […]

Google Ads

Google Click-To-Call: Keeping It Simple

Google’s click-to-call offering has received a lot of attention over the past few months, and for good reason. There is great value in offering advertisers an option to track and monetize mobile Internet-driven phone leads. The model allows mobile consumers searching Google to click on the phone number in an ad to auto-dial the advertiser. […]

Google Analytics

Attributing Value To Phone Calls: Dynamic Number Insertion Can Help

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology allows advertisers to track the specific search engine, web page or keyword that generated an inbound phone call using tracking numbers. Advertisers are using DNI to measure the performance of their online advertising campaigns and the impact on call volume. At the most basic level, DNI seamlessly replaces select contact […]

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