Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison is Senior Manager of Search Engine Marketing at Adchemy, an advertising technology company focused on increasing the profitability, scale and relevancy of paid search campaigns. He has also been featured as a panelist for Search Engine Strategies & an SEM expert for several regional marketing events in Florida. Before joining Adchemy, his primary focus was on the agency side of PPC and SEO generating leads for addiction treatment centers, mortgage refinance clients, mobile content providers, private jet rentals and various other verticals. He currently continues to offer his consulting services for a handful of clients in the finance, automotive, and recreational daily deals verticals.


A PLA Investigation:The Case Of The Hot Pink Wedge Pump

The takeover of the formerly-free Google Shopping by Product Listing Ads (PLAs) is less than a year old. With any new online marketing channel, you would expect some kinks in the system — i.e., some idiosyncratic behavior that is unexpected — and PLAs are no exception. This article delves into a very specific problem within an […]

Google Ads

6 Ways To Leverage Merchant Feeds To Optimize Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are the new hipster ads of search marketing, but many retailers aren’t fully capitalizing on this huge opportunity. (I guess many don’t know how cool they are yet.) But, what goes into optimizing your merchant feed for your PLA campaigns, and what best practices can you start implementing today? Merchant feeds […]


SEM-Like Control For Successful PLA Campaigns

There are notable similarities between keyword and PLA campaigns that, when leveraged properly, will give retailers greater control of their campaign management. Let’s evaluate how retailers can leverage best practices from their keyword campaigns and apply them to their PLA campaigns for maximum efficiency and control over their budgets. In SEM, search engines decide which […]


Keyword Expansion Resources & Strategies For Retailers

Many retailers already own the data they need to profitably expand their paid search campaigns: it exists within their site search logs, website analytics, inventory feeds and in external consumer intents found through search queries. The challenge retailers face is how to engineer a broader keyword portfolio that widens their reach in the query space […]


A Framework For Maximizing The Agency/Retailer Relationship

When it comes to managing search marketing campaigns for retailers, customizing support and services is as influential as managing the performance of campaign assets. With the fast-paced digital environment that we currently live in, it’s not only important for SEM agencies to understand how to analyze and optimize advertiser data, but also how to efficiently […]

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