Eric Enge

Eric Enge

Eric Enge is President of Pilot Holding. Previously, Eric was the founder and CEO of Stone Temple, an award-winning digital marketing agency, which was acquired by Perficient in July 2018. He is the lead co-author of The Art of SEO, a 900+ page book that’s known in the industry as “the bible of SEO.” In 2016, Enge was awarded Search Engine Land’s Landy Award for Search Marketer of the Year, and US Search Awards Search Personality of the Year. He is a prolific writer, researcher, teacher and a sought-after keynote speaker and panelist at major industry conferences.


How And Why Content Marketing Works

There's no question about it: An effective content marketing campaign will increase your organic search traffic. Contributor Eric Enge discusses how you can implement a solid content marketing strategy.


The 4 Hardest Parts Of SEO

I have been doing search engine optimization (SEO) since 2002, and I’ve overcome a fair number of SEO challenges since then. Ultimately, though, the hardest things about the job are not what you might expect. In my opinion, here are the four most difficult parts about achieving SEO success: 1. Identifying The Right Sources For Information There is a […]


Assessing Hummingbird’s Impact On Search — 10 Months Later

On September 26, 2013, Google let slip that it had updated its overall search platform, which they referred to as “Hummingbird.” In this post, I am going to take a look back at the past year to see what impact Hummingbird may have had. One of my goals with this post is to help dispel […]


How Content Quality Analysis Works With SEO

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors panel at the recent SMX Advanced show stimulated some fresh thinking for me on the role of content analysis and SEO. In particular, Marcus Tober of Searchmetrics shared some interesting data from one of their latest studies. What I’d like to discuss here is the notion of co-occurrence […]


The Indirect SEO Benefits Of Guest Posting

If you follow the world of search engine optimization (SEO) at all, you know about Matt Cutts’ January 20, 2014 post, The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO. For many people, this was a shock; but frankly, it was inevitable. Then, on March 19th, Google Penalized MyBlogGuest. This shocked people even more, largely […]


Syndicated Content: Why, When & How

Done correctly, syndication can be a very effective way to help develop your reputation and visibility online. To many, this is a controversial topic, but it really shouldn’t be. You just need to know why it can help you, when to do it and how to do it the right way. And that’s what I […]


Climbing The Ladder To Guest Posting On Tier 1 Sites

Content marketing is all the rage these days and, if you are pursuing guest posts as part of your link-building strategy, it is critical to target the highest authority sites possible. You want to find the sites where your presence builds your visibility and reputation (regardless of SEO) and where the links might get clicked […]


Is Chasing AuthorRank A Waste Of Time For SEOs?

On June 7, 2011, Google announced support for a new type of markup called the Authorship Tag. This was the rel=”author” tag. It did not take long before the speculation started — when would Google start using data from this new tag to impact rankings? The industry took to referring to this concept as AuthorRank. […]


Google Is Not Broken

In spite of what many think, Google is not broken. But wait, naysayers will say, Look at this search result, it stinks! This spammer is succeeding in ranking high, they emerged from nowhere and are now in the top three results! It’s true — there are many such examples that you can point to. Making […]


Just Say No To SEO (Sometimes)

There are some SEO rules that you should break. While conventional SEO wisdom advises certain types of behavior, there are times when that advice should be ignored. SEO must be viewed as part of a larger overall marketing picture, and sometimes other considerations must rule the day. Below are three situations where the standard SEO […]


What Everybody Missed About Hummingbird: Social Signals

Danny Sullivan joined me for a live broadcast event via a Hangout on Air (HOA) this past Halloween, and this included a major revelation about Hummingbird and Social signals. Scott Scowcroft has done an awesome job of extracting this part of the broadcast into a short, 5-minute HOA Nugget video (aka “The Scott Treatment”) for […]


Google And SEO Communications: Swahili Vs. Latin

There are many in the SEO community that get very frustrated with Google, and one of the reasons for this is simple: there is a communications gap. This is not a simple case of US English vs. UK English, but more like Swahili vs. Latin. Many publishers — and many who profess to be SEO […]


Study Shows No Clear Evidence That Google+ Drives Ranking

At SMX Advanced, I presented results from a study we had done that convinced me that links in shares from Google Plus and Facebook behave like traditional web-based links. My statements at SMX Advanced were later disputed by Matt Cutts during his keynote interview by Danny Sullivan, leading to a live discussion — Matt even […]

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The Concept Of Sameness & Why It Should Matter

Long ago and far away, there was a world where there was no Web. Back in those early years (such as the 1960’s through the mid-1990s), there were certain basic concepts that guided the world of marketing. One of the facts of life during those times was that each market space tended to support somewhere […]


Long Tail Content For SEO — 2013 & Beyond

There was the old way of doing SEO for the long tail. It worked for a long time, and lots of people made lots of money doing it. But those days are gone. What was the old way, you ask? In a nutshell: Research a long list of long-tail keywords Create a page for each […]

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How To Evaluate A Potential Website Acquisition

There are a number of things to take into consideration when buying a website. For purposes of this article, I don’t mean the usual business considerations such as price, terms, etc. Let’s dig into how you need to look at this from an SEO perspective. You can also use this thinking to evaluate whether or […]


Removing URLs From The Index In Bulk

Need to remove URLs from the index? For a small number of URLs, this can be a relatively straightforward process — when you are dealing with thousands or tens of thousands, it can be a lot more complex, especially if you feel a great deal of urgency about the matter. This is what I am […]


Enterprise SEO Interview With ABC’s John Shehata

I spoke recently with John Shehata, the director of search for ABC News. Since he owns the SEO responsibility for a number of large media properties, I leapt at the chance to explore some of the things he has learned along the way. We dug in and explored the challenges of educating a large media […]


SEO Opportunities Begin Well Before New Website Development

Launching a new site, or any major site update, for a large enterprise comes with some unique challenges. A short summary of some of the most common include those listed below. SEO Challenges: New Site Launch Or Major Updates Too many decision makers. This is one of the more basic headaches. Product marketing, engineering, PR […]


Why Do Brands Overlook The SEO Opportunity For Non-Branded Keywords?

Many of the large enterprises we work with have a significant brand. They can mount advertising campaigns to create leverage for all of their marketing efforts. Sometimes, this comes out a bit sideways from an SEO perspective. What I mean is that some of these brands view SEO solely as a means to harvest the […]


Why Enterprises Cannot Ignore Deep Link Building

Many enterprise websites, particularly those associated with good brands, obtain lots of links to their home page without any focused link building effort. In some sense, you could say that they get these links “for free.” Since this is the case, do these sites really need to have a dedicated link building effort in place? […]


Making The Case For Adding Deep Content To Large E-Commerce Sites

Large e-commerce sites present some interesting challenges, and finding ways to build up unique content on the site is one of the toughest. I recently was able to witness a case study situation, and will today share the findings from that. Like any other company, the management team in a large enterprise prefers that everyone […]

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Practical Tips For Central Management Of Multiple Sites

Many large enterprises face the challenge of dealing with a diverse portfolio of sites. This by itself is very complex, but that complexity is multiplied when those sites are operated by different teams of people. Some common scenarios where this happens are: Different product lines which are owned and operated by different business units. International […]

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How To Build An Authority Strategy For Your Company

On June 7, 2011 Google announced rel=author. There are many articles that explain the mechanics of how to setup rel=author tagging, including this excellent one by Rick DeJarnette on Search Engine Land. While this announcement got people thinking about author authority, an “authority strategy” for your business involves a lot more than rel=author. It invoves […]

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