Mona Elesseily

Mona Elesseily

Mona Elesseily writes extensively and speaks internationally on search & online marketing. She is the Vice President of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media, where she focuses on search engine marketing strategy, landing page optimization (LPO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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4 Alternatives You Need To Consider Beyond AdWords

While there’s no arguing with the fact that Google’s Adwords program is the dominant player in the PPC industry, it’s by no means the only option when it comes to paying for website traffic. In fact, the size of the Google Adwords program creates a number of challenges for “small-time” webmasters. The service’s immense popularity […]


5 Highly Effective Landing Page Tips

For many years, I’ve been on panels where I comment on PPC landing pages volunteered by the audience. Given the wild popularity of these sessions, it’s safe to say that marketers are still way behind in their landing page improvement efforts. Often, they just need a push to get started down the right path. Here, […]


3 Common PPC Ad Copy Flops

For many years, I’ve been participating in sessions/panels where I comment on PPC ad copy volunteered by an audience. As crowds tend to go wild for this type of session, in this article, I’ve decided to focus on some bad PPC ad copy and provide several fixes to improve it. Ad #1 In this ad, […]


5 Ways To Give Your PPC Account A Kick In The Butt

So you’ve set up your PPC account, have been monitoring it for a while, and things are going swimmingly. But now what? You feel you’ve done everything you think you can do to the PPC account. Not so! There’s always more to do! In this article, I’ll discuss some ideas you can use to give […]


10 Form Optimization Tips For Landing Pages

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work with form optimization. In this article, I’ll cover some tried and true form optimization tips. I’ve done most of my testing on the PPC side, but obviously, the information can also be used effectively to improve overall form conversions on websites. 1.  Include A Privacy Line […]


Thinking Beyond Typical PPC Landing Pages

Many paid search advertisers send visitors to landing pages that sell specific products and/or services. Landing pages are not the only option available to PPC advertisers – there are many more things paid search advertisers can do in order to generate leads, sales or just plain old allow people/prospects/visitors to obtain basic information about businesses. […]


7 Quick Wins For High Converting PPC Landing Pages

In paid search, it’s one thing to get a click but it’s completely something else to get a visitor to convert. To get a high enough ROI to make paid search profitable, practitioners need to be proficient not only in PPC optimization tactics, but also have ninja techniques on how to improve conversions. And where […]


3 Steps To Combat Image Fatigue In Facebook

Image fatigue is a huge issue in Facebook. In general, people tire of seeing the same Facebook advertising images. Facebook also understands this and after 72 hours or so, they tend to decrease ad impressions to “old” ads. As a result, advertisers need solid strategies to help develop and “freshen” ads so they continue to […]


3 Types Of Facebook Image Ads That Work

One of the major differences between Google and Facebook PPC advertising is the relative importance of images. In Facebook advertising, some experts say that certain elements of images in ads can make or break a campaign. In this article, I’ll cover images that convert well and various ways to effectively test Facebook images. Of course, […]


How To Take Advantage Of New Trends In Mobile Advertising

Until recently, the mobile space was associated with people seeking low consideration or immediate gratification products and services like movies, restaurants, ring tones, apps, etc. A recent survey by Ipsos OTX MediaCT (commissioned by Google) revealed that smartphone usage has changed. In this article, I’ll cover several recent trends highlighted in the report and discuss the […]


7 Google Quality Score PPC Myths

This month, I’ll cover 7 of the common myths related to PPC Quality Score. This article is a continuation of 5 Paid Search Marketing Myths Explained In Simple Terms from last month. 1.  There Is Only One Quality Score This is not true. There are actually three different quality scores. They are: a) Search Quality […]


5 Paid Search Marketing Myths Explained In Simple Terms

The industry is laden with silly and many times nonsensical paid search marketing myths. Some myths are insidious and can cost advertisers a fortune without them realizing it. In this article, I will highlight a handful of the more prevalent PPC myths (by no means all of them!), expose flawed logic and explain how things […]


5 Easy Landing Page Tests

It’s landing page testing time! In this article, I will outline five ways to test elements on your landing pages. Before getting started with landing page testing, it’s important to ensure the following: Identify testing goals. Are you trying to increase sales? Leads? Identify them. Test variables that have a direct impact on your goals. […]


5 Bad Google Ads: What Were They Thinking?!

Ad copy is a significant factor in Quality Score which can impact the cost of PPC clicks. Why and how? It’s mostly about “relevance,” and that is measured primarily by clickthrough rate (CTR). While CTR isn’t the only factor you should focus on (since ROI is paramount), it’s way up there. Be wary of anyone […]

Google Ads

Is Google “Hiding” Crucial AdWord Options?

In the AdWords interface, hidden information and default opt-in settings work against the advertiser and make it hard for them to exert full control over paid search advertising campaigns. In fact, the interface sometimes feels like it’s designed in a way that it can appear to a casual observer that nothing is missing. Does that […]


Viral Video Marketing And YouTube Advertising: A One-Two Punch

In my opinion YouTube doesn’t get the attention is deserves from advertisers. Yet YouTube is the #2 search engine by query volume. More Americans watch YouTube than the Super Bowl and, for many viewers, YouTube is replacing time spent in front of the television. If you don’t have a strong marketing and advertising presence on […]

Google Analytics

Five Killer Paid Search Reports

If you’re a typical marketer, you probably spend three to four days per month reporting. You need to make the most of that time, or reduce it by a day, or your personal ROI—the contribution you make to your company’s or client’s results—goes down! Do everyone a favor and stop drowning yourself in meaningless data. […]


Mobile Paid Search Advertising Strategies

In my last article on mobile PPC called Getting Started with Mobile Paid Search Advertising, I covered some basic tips related to mobile paid search marketing. In this article, I’ll build on these and cover some strategies related to mobile PPC advertising. With mobile PPC advertising, opportunities are slightly more limited so it’s even more […]

Google Analytics

Five Signs Your Paid Search Manager Is An Imposter

You know the type, in any industry. Someone who talks a good game, but turns out not to be a professional? The ones who think a collection of tips from forums are equivalent to years of job experience? In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to look into many paid search marketing accounts. Lately, I’ve […]


Getting Started With Mobile Paid Search Advertising

After several years of lying in the weeds, mobile advertising has significantly picked up steam. It finally makes sense to understand how to effectively use and deploy mobile paid search marketing campaigns. In this article, I’ll provide some basic tips related to paid search mobile marketing. In my next article, I’ll suggest several ad copy […]

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