Bing Ads app gets multi-user access to toggle between accounts & ability to add funds

Quickly navigate between multiple accounts, get actionable insights and add funds to prepay accounts on the go.

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Bing Ads Mobile App1 Ss 1920If you’re running Bing Ads campaigns and haven’t checked out the mobile apps in a while, I’d recommend taking another look. With an update released Thursday, the apps now support multi-user access and the ability to add funds for prepay accounts. There are also some older features worth calling attention to.

For those managing multiple accounts with one email sign-on, now you can toggle between and add accounts in the app. Clicking on “Accounts” in the menu shown below brings up a list of all accounts available through the multi-user sign-on.

Bing Ads App Multi User English

It’s now possible to navigate between accounts in the Bing Ads app.

You can set a date range and metric such as spend, revenue or conversions to see how all of your accounts are performing at a glance.

Click on any account to dive into the details. The account level dashboard shows Opportunities that can be applied within the app, performance metrics and a trends chart. There is also a Share of Voice pie chart that shows the account’s impression share and percentage of impressions lost during the time period selected. The Share of Voice section in the app is not new for this release, but I call it out because it is unique to the Bing Ads app and can be a quick way to spot areas for improvement in your account. Click on on the Share of Voice section to get an interactive visual of details such as impressions lost due to expected CTR or budget or bids.

Bing Ads App Impression Share RankIf your accounts are set up as prepay for billing purposes, you can now add funds right from the app. If your campaigns are paused due to insufficient funds, you’ll get a notification on the main dashboard page in the app alerting you, along with an option to add funds and apply the existing payment method you’ve set up in the Bing Ads web interface.

The Bing Ads app is available for iOS and Android.

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