Google Bard can now respond in real time

There is a setting to turn this real-time response off.

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Google Bard, the conversational AI tool by Google, can now respond to your questions in real-time. You can turn it off and tell Bard to only respond once the answer is complete, but now, by default, Bard writes out the response in real time.

Default on. By default, Google has turned on real-time responses, so you can see Bard typing the answer as it figures out the response. Google said this way, “you don’t have to wait for the full response to appear.”

Google added, “Bard is here to accelerate your creative process. Now you can start reading responses while they’re still generating, so you can stay in the creative flow and iterate on your ideas faster.”

The setting. You can access the setting for real-time or non-real-time responses in the setting section at the top right, under the gear icon.

Here is a screenshot of this feature:

Google Bard Respond Setting

Why we care. Now Bard will appear faster in how it replies to your tasks and questions. Plus if you see Bard is not answering the question in the direction you want it to go, you can stop and start a new session faster than you previously would.

Note, this is how Bing Chat and other chat-based AI tools generally work, so now Bard does the same.

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