New: Use Location In AdWords Ad Customizers To Auto-Tailor Ads Based On Where Users Are

Use location data to highlight special promotions, inventory availability, shipping speeds and more to searchers in those areas.

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With a new update to ad customizers, you can now dynamically tailor ads based on a person’s physical location when they search.

Add location-specific information in your ad customizer spreadsheets to show accurate store inventory, store hours, location information, shipping times, and of course, highlight discounts, promotions and events in your ad copy — all at the store or regional level.

The “Target_location” field in the spreadsheet will inform when the attribute is used. In an example showing a Denver location having a sale on the ProWhip brand of mixers, the customizers spreadsheet would look something like this:

location ad customizers in adwords

Using the Brand and Sale attributes in the ad, the ad text might look like this:

{=Mixers.Brand} Stand Mixer
Find the right mixer for you!

Then when a user in Denver searches for “ProWhip Denver,” they might see an ad like this:

ProWhip Stand Mixer
20% off mixers in our Denver store.
Find the right mixer for you!

In case you’re wondering, as I was, how the store piece gets inserted into the ad copy without using the attribute in the ad text, the location attribute is used for targeting as a signal of when to show a value, versus the brand and sale attributes which signal what to insert into the ad copy. So you don’t actually have to put it in  your ads.

There are obvious benefits to being able to tailor ads dynamically based on location. It will be interesting to see how these render in the real world based on varying ad text and location targets.

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