• websonalized

    Derek, thank you for confirming what I suspected, ”
     fewer requirements may compromise the quality of leads generated .” In the past I felt hesitant of presenting forms that had no requirements; and I echo that short forms and zero requirements give way to bad quality leads. 

    I value the insight you provide regarding the direct correlations of asset exchange for form complexity.  

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Different types and forms of content can help you connect with a potential customer and push them along through the buying cycle. Like you mention, a case study might be a great starting point to introduce your brand, so why lock it behind a lead form? Someone might not be invested enough to bother. But you build that rapport and slowly work them up to a webinar or ebook they have to register for. 

  • http://www.grinkot.com Boris Grinkot

    I think “Define Success Metrics in Form Submission Data” is the most important recommendation here. What I typically see is that web forms are full of “nice to have” fields that are required, or are missing fields that turn out to be critical for lead scoring. Even the optional, but “I don’t know why we ask for this information” fields are common, creating a distraction and reducing the completion rate.

    When I put together that first chart for MarketingSherpa in 2011, I was looking at it entirely from the conversion rate optimization perspective.

    I am doing some new research on the relationship between lead scoring and conversion optimization practices, and your insights are certainly helpful!

  • http://twitter.com/HispanicMarkets Sebastian Aroca

    At Hispanic Market Advisors we try to facilitate the lead generation process by allowing leads to complete a simple contact form with no many requirements. Then, when we receive the requests, we contact those who have potential of becoming good customers, and we send them a link to a quick survey with specific questions (sometimes we call them as well). Those who are really interested, they normally take the time to have an intro call and complete the extra fields. Those who don’t, may have not been very committed after all. Balancing lead quality and quantity is a significant challenge for B2B marketers but if you manage to maximize / optimize both that’s the ideal scenario.. as we see it!