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    This is a great start to getting people to engage and understand more about SEO and what they’re Expert may(or may not) be doing for their brand and company! Nice post, Kristie!

  • Marcus Cudd

    It would seem to me that any attempt to get a link to help search engine optimization would be an attempt to “game the system” which defies Google’s linking policies. So, basically, the only links you should try to get are the ones that provide direct marketing benefit, such as direct relevant traffic. What other reason would you get a link that doesn’t violate Google’s edicts? And if we aren’t getting links for search engine recognition, then are we really doing search engine optimization? Additionally, if you are being paid to obtain links, then aren’t these paid links? I think maybe it’s time to look at “Traffic Generation” as a more apt name, since search engine optimization comes down to search engine manipulation.

    We have to be careful about the information we feed business owners about SEO. Attempting to improve your rankings via links is a violation of Google guidelines. We can’t on one hand tell them they need links to improve rankings, then attempt to explain we won’t acquire links to improve rankings.

    The conversation needs to be about how relevant traffic will be acquired, both with free and paid links, and demonstrate how both types are necessary to get the results they need. If Google gives rankings in the process, well, that would be a bonus. But I don’t sell rankings for this reason.

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Great piece Kristie on b2b SEO selection criteria. We are a special
    bread for certain. I couldn’t agree more about the ROI aspect. Organic traffic
    is key but ensuring it’s the right kind of traffic based on search intent is
    even more important. Converting that traffic is another huge leverage point.
    Focusing on capturing lead information and then nurturing those leads is
    equally important as driving qualified traffic to your b2b website. You can double
    your leads by doubling your traffic and keeping landing pages the same or by
    doubling your landing page conversion rate even with the same number of
    visitors. Doing both together is what savvy b2b SEOs know how to accomplish
    while substantiating results. Track, measure then adjust and repeat. If you can’t
    measure, you can’t improve so tightly integrated analytics are a key component
    of determining ROI. You are right that ROI is more difficult to measure for B2B
    SEO efforts, but with the right marketing automation integrated into CRM
    systems with deliberately executed Internet marketing strategies with clearly
    defined inbound tactics, ROI measurement is becoming more informed every day.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/zankhanaa Zankhana M

    I agree with Marcus at every point. After all its all about gaining quality traffic for the site and not ranking on Google. But yes, in all a good piece of information. Thanks Kristie

  • robthespy

    “Compeling title tags.”. Why? Doesn’t it make more sensent to create relevant, user friendly title tags?

    Oh, and B2B is all about LTV…period. ;)

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Understanding the buying cycle of your audience is so important because SEO doesn’t just happen in one place. You need to create multiple touch points with your audience it keep them engaged with your brand and moving through the sales process.