• jhuman

    6. add interesting mobile snippets/excerpts/images w/tags

    Could you recommend a mobile ad network besides admob?

    I was wondering if you know of any hosting companies specializing in mobile?

  • http://www.raisemyrank.com/ Bob Gladstein

    Assuming you’re using user-agent detection to redirect mobile users to the mobile version of your site, and assuming you provide the option of mobile users switching back to the desktop version of the site, what would you say is the best strategy for keeping your server from redirecting those users right back to the mobile site? We’ve been considering cookies, checking the referrer, or linking to the desktop site with some parameter in the URL.

  • http://fr.linkedin.com/in/zinebaitbahajji zaitbahajji

    Thanks for all the explanations.
    I’m still a beginner in mobile SEO, and I have a question regarding robotx.txt files.
    We have a mobile version of our site, which does not look excatly like the website.
    It’s available on smartphones. and when a user access the website on a smartphone we display a message allowing him to switch to the mobile version.

    How would you write the robots.txt file ?
    would it be :
    user agent : *
    allow : /

    or should I list mobile bots ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.