• 3voJoe

    Putting your business name in ALL CAPS is definitely a violation of Google’s guidelines. I’ve been told that specifically when speaking to the Google plus local team.

  • Andrew Shotland

    Good call Joe. I plead guilty for forgetting about that when I observed Extreme Pizza killing it. We’ll update the post asap.

  • Sandro Galindo

    wait.. how do I find my local Google Plus rep?

  • Kathy Long

    Love your last suggestion, Andrew! Off to review restaurants now – a lot of them. Actually, everything is great. Thank you! Now I’m really off to promote this to my local business followers.

  • Harris Schachter

    I tend to think the EXTREME PIZZA in caps wasn’t done intentionally, just a hardworking employee trying to mirror their branding (check out their site, it seems as though all caps is actually their logo).

    Cheers on the article Andrew!

  • Andrew Shotland

    Good point Harris. I smell a blog post coming on…

  • Andrew Shotland
  • http://whatbillthinks.com Bill Bean

    Very useful “advanced” tactics, Andrew. Thanks for sharing.