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    I agree with Roger Montti aka MartiniBuster, going overboard with sloppy or too much SEO on a site can definitely be a signal you are in a bad neighborhood. Another thing I look for is the anchor text on links to the site you are prospecting, If they are all the same key phrase it is a sure fire indicator of Rogers ” sharp stick” syndrome.

  • http://ontolo.com/blog Garrett French

    Hi Rob – Roger certainly has a way with phrasing :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your “sharp stick” warning signs!

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    What are your thoughts on a growing number of companies that get search equity from IBL from client sites? I’m noticing a lot of my competition puts their company name with an IBL on their clients sites of which their site get credit from Google for. Is this ethical anymore or not?

  • http://ontolo.com/blog Garrett French

    Maybe if the clients got a discount on services ;D If it’s done without consent, or without “education” regarding purpose I think it’s a little sneaky.

    It’s also a lazy way to build links that adds no value to the “SEO industry conversation” as a whole, beyond giving me the chance to shake my fist at the sky of course.

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-19673-Michelle-Obama-Examiner Clifford Bryan

    Thanks Garrett, I like the cache date, social links, and audience participation factors. Could keep link fresh and in the index.

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    It’s so important that people understand how SEO works before they try and use it. Great tips, thank you!