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    great article, David! I especially agree with the part about not going for a sleek commercial look. Some marketing people just do not get it. They think that if their video does not look like a million-dollar commercial people will think less of their business. But what people care about is content.

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    quick comment about distribution channels. This only applies to businesses that have their own products, not resellers, but if you have a video of your own product, and it shows what the product is, what its basic features and benefits are, and how to use it ( easy step-by-step instructions) – this type of video can be posted free of charge on http://www.HandBookLive.com. This is true for big companies or small. The site focuses exclusively on product videos and allows people to compare products based on video instructions, as well as give people solid, no nonsense support for the product.
    These videos do not need to be professionally made, as long as they provide practical information.

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    Thank you, David, for this excellent how-to piece that melds some very
    important pointers, particularly related to DIY ads, for small
    businesses that want to become online advertisers. Thanks also to Michael
    Boland for the SpotMixer.com mention: we believe our sweet spot is the
    small- and medium-sized businesses that are leaders in their categories
    and see online video ads as the way to demonstrate their savvy. One
    more thought on your DIY production tips: businesses can re-purpose
    assets (audio, photo and more) they’ve already created for static ads,
    radio ads or even their Web site, to save even more money and time.

    Finally, once a business has created an online video ad, it can test it
    inexpensively on cable TV via services like Google TV Ads, with which
    SpotMixer has a partnership. Check out http://www.spotmixer.com for details.

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    David – this was a very informative and instructive article. I absolutely agree with your suggestion to craft a landing page and to make sure you can track this page. Since online video effectively engages an audience, marketers need to ensure that their content enables someone to easily engage with their business.

    One simple solution for web video marketers to consider if they want to be able to easily create online video landing pages, distribute these pages to facilitate SEM programs, and track results is the FLIMP Platform (http://www.flimp.net). Marketers using flimps are able to leverage online video to directly market to and communicate with their audience. This easy-to-use and extremely cost effective system not only provides a number of different distribution options but it tracks audience engagement in real time. The metrics provided are easy to understand and afford an opportunity for marketers to further engage with prospects or modify their messaging.

    Your article highlights a number of key web video marketing best practices. Thanks for sharing!