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    Received a series of emails asking if I believed it was still possible, this close to Christmas, to rank a site in the Google top ten for the phrase Christmas Gifts. I think I get these every year around this time. The best answer I can give is the one that always makes people mad, but it’s true. The answer is “it depends”. Is the site you are trying to rank brand new with no links? Is it an existing site with a linking pedigree that has earned page one rankings for other terms in the past? What sites are currently ranking in the top ten? These types of linking assesment questions have to be asked, and answered, in order to know if it even makes sense to pursue that goal. You could try, try, try, and fail. With the competitveness of that term and the timing, I would recommend you spend your time and resources on other online marketing tactics other than organic rankings. I just covered this in an issue of LinkMoses Private at
    If you’d like a free copy of that post which contains alternative holiday linking strategies, I’d be happy to send it to you — Eric