• http://nl.linkedin.com/in/dirkmelief/ Dirk Melief

    Hi Ginny,

    Advertisers using the offers extension received an email with the same message that was shown on the support page. In the Netherlands we received the email on October 24 (same day as the announcement) and only for the account that had an active offer extension.

    We did/do see huge potential for some of our clients who have a focus on bringing online shoppers to their offline stores, too bad Google pulled the plug before we could really use it. Hopefully they bring Google Offers to the Netherlands soon and our clients can benefit of targeting the right customers at the right time and at the right place and even reminding them when they are near.

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    I read AdWords Offer Extensions Get Shut Down In Favor Of Google Offers. This informative article is very useful who works with Google and it’s application eg-
    Google Maps, Google+, Google Wallet and the Google Offers app and web site.Yes …. even me feel the same that it would seem there is still an opportunity for Google to incorporate Google Offers into search ads.