• http://www.authoritybuzz.com/ Ryan Cote @ Authority Buzz

    That’s great news Andrew. And SMB’s are typically wearing multiple hats and need expertise and guidance. So you can easily develop long-lasting relationships with your SMB clients by over-delivering and earning their trust.

  • http://twitter.com/boydbutler Boyd Butler

    Excellent article as always Andrew. Mobile is a great way to go. Over in the UK it’s text (SMS) that is really getting great responses for small businesses. Easy to send, gets opened and gets forwarded. Plus it’s cheap. Also, SMB’s are really starting to track their responses – particularly call tracking which I am a big fan of. The beauty is that call tracking gets the numbers into a database and then you can text them out!

  • BrianCoryat

    Excellent article Andrew. It really lays out what we all know, HERE COME THE SMBs!!!. I was actually surprised on how optimistic some of stats are.
    Send the link to my entire staff! Thanks

  • mKonnekt

    Interesting and informative article, the link to LevelUp takes to some spanish site.