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    Wednesday, 12:32PM
    The Internet

    “Remove the navigation. Every link you put on the page is an invitation to the customer to do something besides taking the action you want them to take.”

    This advice might work well for known brands but not for the unknown Kydon.

    Before I give out contact details or credit card information, I need to check at least the About page to know who I am dealing with. Maybe moving the navigation to the bottom of page is a better option.

    The rest of the points are solid as rock.

    Your pal,

  • http://blog.marketo.com/ Jon Miller

    Gang0rraZ — Thanks for the comment. Your point makes sense. I would include the desire to know who you are dealing with in the category of “needing reassuring elements”.

    Even so, my advice would be to include the information on page (perhaps as a pop-up link or expanding area) so as to keep the prospect on the page. Not everyone uses tabs to open links in new windows.

  • http://www.e-gain.co.uk/blog/ egain

    Would have to agree with Gang0rraz to a certain degree. I would suggest that potential customers such as those in sub prime finance would be unlikely to convert without some prior research, and therefore restricting the navigation could imo significantly reduce the potential convertability of the site and impact of the landing pages