• http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    I’d love to hear what Microsoft’s plans are for rolling out the
    new bing to countries still using MSN Bing (most of Europe, for example)..

    I’m also curious to see if new functionality depends on Microsoft’s Silverlight. Currently Bing Web Master tools and advanced bing maps break on devices where Silverlight support is unavailable, e.g. some Mac browsers and all Linux systems [Microsoft/Novell only provide obsolete versions of Silverlight, aka Moonlight, for Linux – breaking websites in the process :-(].

  • http://gerald.lovels.us GARL

    I tried out the “new BING features” on my everyday desktop, running Ubuntu 10.10 and Chrome browser. OOh, the 3D views require a download install. Oh, Oh. the install is named setup.exe. So, I change the setup.exe to executable and open it in WINE. Here is the result:

    Bing Maps 3D won’t install
    Make sure that you log on to your computer as an administrator before you try the following.
    Enter a proxy server address for Windows Internet Explorer.
    Set the security settings in Internet Explorer to Medium-high.
    Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or a later version) and Windows Imaging Component….

    I take it that BING search is directly integrated with Internet Explorer, Windows, and .NET., which is total hooey. Google search works with every browser and every operating system. Bing does not. Your article totally fails to mention this fact in reviewing these “enhancements” to BING.