• Jesse

    Is anyone else alarmed by the fact that this website, made by Google:

    – Has no descriptive title tags
    – Makes liberal use of nofollow to trusted external sites
    – Is set to noindex

    I’m at a loss for what to say…

  • http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    Nah, Google is much more than the core search term, and those product teams outside of core search don’t know anything more about SEO than anyone else on the web. It’s just evidence of the fact that the core search term doesn’t give product teams and special “inside” advice.

  • Jezza

    Has anyone noticed that the site has no record of facebook. i wonder why? ;)
    You can share with twitter but not with the largest social network in the world!

  • http://mauricewalshe mauricewalshe

    Its very similar in look to Net A Porter and ASOS.

    And Vanessas right even a small size’d company such as google has intenal groups that work at cross purporses or compete against each other – a sign of tomay internal fiefdoms – probaly why wave failed

    I used to work fro British Telecom and the SE divison then on its own had more developers than Google has staff and the different parts of SE used to compete against each other. (though google seems to have surpased BT in its beurocracy in 10 years)

    When i was one on of the major early web projecst in 94 the other devloper and I where a bit miffed that our customer assumed that we worked out in the sticks at BT Labs

  • http://tonyadam.com Tony Adam

    Just like Vanessa said, this was exactly the case at Yahoo!. The core Search team did not interact with the Product teams and they don’t get special advice. It would become very obvious when many properties within Yahoo!’s businesses did not rank within Yahoo! search.