• http://www.devonwebdesigners.com stormy

    This is great news – and not just for e-commerce sites but for any online business marketing to more than one country. With WordPress being such a popular platform this is crying out for a plugin. I haven’t found one yet. Do you know of one?

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    I haven’t seen one: it’s quite a new and subtle change from Google so it’s probably not caught the eye of any WordPress SEO developers yet.

    I’d certainly +1 any developer (Yoast?) planning to build one out though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Henning-Wiechers/1715446391 Henning Wiechers

    Big question: Lets say, my Spanish source page has a “Pagerank” (or “SEO-Strength”) of 5. Now I multiply it to Argentina, Mexico and whereever. Will my source page I invested so much linkbuilding energy into loose its strength in Spain???