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    The problem came when SEO stopped being a conversion science in the first place. When the focus became more on rankings and traffic, the industry only got further and further removed from providing actual value. SEO is a huge deal, but it’s not as huge as its status as business buzzword implies.

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    Great title and post, Scott. It will be interesting to see if SEOs can actually make the transition to CRO as you suggest. Seasoned direct marketers and direct response leaders may have a better shot, and may be more inclined given the importance of creative in CRO.

    Deb, you are right on target with your remark about multi-step having roots in the principles of direct mail. And since you asked, we have several case studies we can share with you that show the huge value that manifold multi-step experiences provide over single-dimensional pages. It’s such a huge boost in performance and value, but so counter-intuitive, especially with the traditional “interactive” frame we’ve grown up with over the last decade.

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    So… Just out of complete curiosity, is this news to you? Let’s optimize the websites for higher conversions? See I thought that was the whole point of putting traffic on a site in the first place – to convert it. Unless you’re only working with branding companies in which they can afford an SEO to literally sit and do nothing… but … conversion optimization? What the… I’m sorry but if this is news to you as a webmaster and/or SEO for a company, you’re either not doing your job correctly or you’re new to doing it the right way. I didn’t know that all of you actually worked with websites that were throwing traffic down the toilet, how do they afford you? Let me know the niche, I’ll convert it for you for 50% of the already-lost revenue!

    Then again I guess I’m just ranting, but I like to keep my clients converting so they can actually keep affording me.

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    Great article, Scott! Congrats on all the retweets about it.

    On a related note, I recently wrote a post about How to Combine Conversion Optimization with SEO. Seems relevant here: