• Gregory David Keet

    youre spamming this link across multiple articles patti? It has nothing to do with the articles written here… do you have anything to contribute or will you be spamming pages with JAM20??

  • ChicagoDomainBrokers

    great article Kathy. You hit the nail on the head in regards to domain bias, and the power of exact match domains. Google may have dropped the weight it places on EMD’s in regards to natural search rankings, but EMD’s are still as powerful as they have ever been in driving both CTR and conversions when well developed, or when used in conjunction with a targeted PPC campaign. Its human nature to want to click the result that is most relevant to their search.

  • Guest

    Domain names provide telling descriptive previews about a webpage. Pure keyword domains also project cachet and credibility. These are cognitive perceptions that are likely to endure. Likewise, the prominence of the “.com” TLD is likely to be enhanced by the mass influx of new gTLDs and resulting confusion. Consumer psychology principles demonstrate that increasing choice options dramatically leads to apprehension and lower purchase probability (‘clicking’). Add increases apprehension regarding ‘phishing’ and people will increasingly default to the “.com” TLD which they have come to trust.