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    I am beginning to wonder if maybe we should start looking at Yahoo plus MSN again. Everyone has been so focused on google the past several years but like the hare and rabbit, the hare google may burn out. Yes they have excellent search returns but are they getting too big? Do people trust them as much. Maybe I should take a change and focus my SEO work on Yahoo and MSN. I seem to remember about 9 years ago there was another great search engine that dominated and now it’s just another stop on the Internet – remember AltaVista. Just a thought.

  • Jeff Jockisch

    Excellent post, Danny. Maybe some alarms should be raised – but only because Google apparently knows how to innovate, integrate and utilize the data they collect better than their corporate peers.

    The alarmists out there are appear to value traffic more than actual thought process. OMG, these comapnies want to ‘target’ us. Wake up, Susie. Marketeres have always targeted us and always will.

    Re your summation: “So many companies today offline (banks, credit cards, loyalty cards, credit reporting agencies) hold much more information about me personally than Google does.”

    Not sure I agree with the ‘more’ bit, but these other companies certainly know a lot. I work with credit agencies and banks. I doubt Google knows that I have 13K in debt, am looking to buy a car, missed my last TMobile payment. And they do not have all the demographic info they could ever want on me based upon my social security number and past residences… It’s lucky that they do not sell this data to marketers – oh ya, they do!

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    Can I get an “Amen Brother”