• http://mirzaatif.blogspot.com/ Mirza Atif

    Thanks for the update . it could be more helpful step for those who do their work in a proper plan and white hat procedures..

  • Jonny Craft

    We think we have had an instant boost with one of our new pages. We created a Toshiba Support page a few days ago and it has been indexed in 2nd place. It’s full of useful content and outranks all the generic competition for the same keyword.

  • goldenblls

    Good quality and fresh content is what Google is looking for.

    How good is your website at telling your customers who you are and what you sell? If your site visitors receive a poor experience from your website then it reflects on Google because they brought the visitor to you. Think fresh content!

  • Abhijeet Sakhare

    It is really Funny, people are still spamming on a post of Panda update, just like running naked in the rain of arrows… :D…

  • http://www.lesite.ca/ John Castell

    I had sent a tip to Search Engine Land Monday afternoon when I noticed 90% of the properties I track had a big decline in traffic, and Google Webmaster tools was not updating. Google, I am on to you!

  • http://www.danielebesana.com/ Daniele Besana

    Which web tool do you recommen for rank tracking?

  • http://keepcalmandtravel.com Clelia Mattana

    Ok, a bit confused here… before the update my traffic was already around 69/72% organic. The past few days didn’t change much on my organic traffic. As I already ranked n. 1 on Google for a few keywords (long tail and targeted).

    BUT…. For marketing reasons I was monitoring a specific article and a few weeks ago it was still at page n. 4 for many keywords. After reading this article i checked again and to my surprise, the article finally made it n. 1 page on google and for a very generic and high competitive key word. I have some questions here:

    1) Can it be for this Panda update? Or it’s simply because i published the article in march and it takes a few months to get to the top?

    2) Can it be that with this update Google is counting social signal more that in the past? as this article went viral and was shared almost 8K times on Fb and getting to 1K shares on G+

    3)I’ve also noticed that for specific Keywords my most popular articles ranks very high with social updates for G+ (never seen anything like this before). Explaining better: If I search for a specific keyword, the link to my G+ update with the article shows up and ranks very high (sometimes higher than the article itself)… Is that something new for you too?


  • http://www.jyotish-research.com/ Astrologer Ashish Desai

    Thanks for sharing this panda update, seems like the visitors on my website have decreased suddenly by 20-30%.

  • http://www.dattasirishkumar.com/ Sirish Kumar

    Lately the webmasters in WebmasterWorld
    thread has posts in Mar’14 with
    questions about Google changes that seem to relate to their sites impacted
    by Softer Panda unofficial update and now it was confirmed by Matt Cutts!

  • Sandy Ng

    The article must be unique, useful, and has no duplicate on internet.
    So what unique, useful means? The article must be the one that users willing to link to, share or even read it from top to the bottom.

  • Greg Bassett

    Focus on quality content and make it remarkable. You’ll then attract the links naturally. Anything else isn’t “whitehat”, in Google’s eyes.

  • Guest

    OPINION ASKED: I’m currently working with a client that has over 95% scraped (duplicate) content; their tool (a planner for trips based on your personal interests) is unique and works great (it’s cool innovative software). I told them for months that the scraped content will be an issue more and more. Can i have other peoples’ opinion about this? Especially in regard to future updates???

  • RedLeader

    This is true. It’s just disproportionately represented by Indian teams, hence the popular perception of the “Indian spammer”. Remember, all stereotypes are rooted in some form of fact, and here we see this one in play.

  • RedLeader

    “Spam” – that’s a pretty broad word there. Most people in this industry use “spam” to refer to link spam, like all of the comment spam in this article’s comments section.

    Article spam is a thing, but it’s less and less common these days. Duplicate/low quality content and bad user site metrics are the domain of Panda, whereas “spam”, as most refer to it, is the domain of Penguin.

  • http://www.neverpaintagain.co.uk/ Never Paint Again UK

    Good news for once! We knew something was going on as our traffic DOUBLED yesterday. Also gained on some important keywords too. My industry is full of very thin, weak sites, ranking higher (not any more) than us. For once I breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe I will be able to afford a vacation this year after all?!

  • Dave Worrall

    Spam indeed is a broad term. Spam can also refer to keyword stuffing, irrelevant content and site-farming. I spent a great deal of time as a Quality rater disallowing these among other types of “bad content”. Duplicate content is indeed referred to as spam too

  • Abhay

    But speaking practically, will that bring highly competitive keywords like logbook loans, bridging loans, etc on 1st page of Google just buy writing good quality informative content?

  • http://www.angieslist.com Byron Hardie

    There is no question about the quality of Content on many well known publications, especially those you are referring to Lior. Those sites have established domain authority and some of the best writers in the country.

    Google may be broadening their definition of “low quality” to not just include the content itself but the experience as a whole. For big editorial brands that typically monetize using display ads, roadblocks, pushdowns, contextual popups (Vibrant), Sponsored listings, etc you have to wonder at what point does it begin to offset the great quality of the content.

    I know you already know this and it is often something we can’t control in large organizations that count on that revenue. Worse yet, there is rarely any definitive proof where Google says “remove 2 of the 4 ads above the fold and you’ll be fine” but as we start to rule out other influencing signals it is hard to ignore. Where is the tipping point?

  • http://www.theLIVEJOBS.com/ Jaiser Abbas

    I have seen few changes in Analytics, may be it turned to some positive track but real picture will be on next 2 3 days.

  • David Aanis

    Big changes in the french serps also. Still see some spammy sites on top for the moment.

  • Tony Y.

    I can’t disagree.

  • Tony Y.

    Glad google is not a fan of such website. Otherwise, the search result will be like.. :O.

  • Koby Wong

    Affecting 7.5% of English queries is so much. Be interested to see how everyone’s traffic is getting impacted

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Some scraped content actually performs well in search. The fact it’s scraped alone doesn’t necessarily mean content will cause a problem.

  • http://www.vgiseo.com/search-engine-optimization/seo-chicago/ Sam Moss

    If the impact will be ~7.5% in English query then really it’ll be a blender blunder for poor quality sites’ owners, Let’s see…

  • http://www.wirerealm.com wirerealm

    Untrue. If you’re a legit website with good quality reviews, guides and information, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate or merely a hobby-writer.

  • http://kercommunications.com/ Nick Ker

    And the real puzzler is “why in the world would anyone believe that comment spam like that achieves anything?”

    …not to mention that disqus comments are nofollow.

  • http://kercommunications.com/ Nick Ker

    “Google may be broadening their definition of “low quality” to not just include the content itself but the experience as a whole.”

    If they are not, they should be. Many big name publications have online versions that are slow loading, popup heavy, ad farms with way too many sign up nags. Gotta click through 3-6 pages just to read an entire article? No thanks – I don’t have the time to play your ad impression inflation game. And while the content may be good for the most part, some of them seem to have gotten on the “guest blogging = free content” bandwagon, which has led to a lot of link-stuffed filler content that is mediocre at best.

  • http://kercommunications.com/ Nick Ker

    There is also usually a ripple effect where some sites that link to yours may have lost some value. That takes time for google to recrawl & follow links, and recalculate.

  • http://racingtoaredlight.com/ Soused Bergin

    Top keywords maintained high placement, secondary keywords are down are across the board.

  • http://racingtoaredlight.com/ Soused Bergin

    Eventually you are going to have a problem.

  • http://racingtoaredlight.com/ Soused Bergin


  • http://racingtoaredlight.com/ Soused Bergin

    /furious wanking

  • Vipin Kumar

    Yes, that certainly makes sense @NickKer:disqus

  • http://jodysachse.com/ Jody Sachse

    I agree. I have several brands as clients and Panda has been horrible for them. I see more spam sites in the search results or sites that are 10 years old instead of the sites that are following Google’s recommendations to the letter. It’s like if you do what Google tells you to do you are sure to become non-existent.

  • http://www.workingnomad.com Working Nomad

    Boo to Panda

  • http://www.thedroid.net Manisha

    No idea what, but the site copying my site is ranking higher than me. I thought google has already stopped indexing scrap sites a long back..

  • http://www.integritymcseo.com Brian Hughes

    Thanks for the heads up in this Barry! Interesting to see the results once the dust settles.