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    I think Eric has been very up front about where Google stands in relation to the newspaper industry.

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    I share Eric’s concerns about the fate of investigative journalism, especially at the local level. His comments hit it on the head — about the problems. Alas, about workable solutions… your article changes subjects. :)

    I posted a piece on my blog asking for solutions a while ago, and there’ve been a few intriguing answers –


    I keep hoping for the Silver Bullet suggestion, however. As Eric says, this is a critical function for a democracy. We need to figure it out. (Post your solutions above…)

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    On a related note to Google Fast Flip, since March, 2009 the NY Times as offered a prototype allowing the user to see all of the articles and snippets in a section on a single page. I find it to be an effective tool to browse the online NYT. You can find the New York Times Article Skimmer at:

    More in this post:

    also the USA Today offers a service (beta) called News Deck that simply shows scrollable headlines organized by newspaper section. All of the other material found on the USA Today home page or a section page is gone.

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    Great interview, Danny.

    With respect to brands vs. individuals, it can work either way.

    Brands certainly can jumpstart an individual. Working under the NYT brand provides instant credibility. In the Web world, TechCrunch, SEL, GigaOm, Engadget and others have provided credibility for previously unknown writers.

    That said, the stewards of publisher brands don’t do a great job of vetting those who work under their brands. Jayson Blair, Judith Miller, Stephen Glass, Janet Cooke, etc. Those are just the ones who’ve been “convicted” of grave journalistic sins. Many others write about topics of which they know little.

    The one piece of advice I give to my friends still working in the newspaper business is to use their current platform to build a personal brand. Get out their in social media and build your following. Do it NOW, before you get laid off.

    It’s possible to establish your own brand from scratch — I’d say you’re one of the ones who did — by doing high quality work and focusing on an underserved niche or doing something entirely different. Justin Smith, Nate Silver and Michelle Leder are others I’d put into that camp.

    It’s a tough slog, but it can be done. Once you do, the traditional journalists who thumb their nose at bloggers will call asking for quotes.

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    This is a great example of the kind of an insightful article that sets SEL apart from many other industry information sources. Thank you, Danny – great interview. Keep up the good work!