• DanielCarrasco

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    Hardly understand what does it means to handle 10000 phone calls in a week since Google is not a phone maker (yet) and is it reflecting there are some too problems with the Android phone. So with this isolated figure we can only tell they do have customer services and rather busy. Period.

  • fjpoblam

    In Google Groups, since 2003, I’ve reported several problems with *free* Google products (including Google Apps for Your Domain). Or, as the phrasing would have it, I’ve “asked about” the problems.

    On rare occasions, a purportedly official Google employee has weighed in. The response has far more often than not been on the order of “Thanks for noticing that. We’ll get back to you.”

    I look forward to the day when Google offers something more substantial than Google Groups in the way of customer support for its products. I’m not holding my breath.

  • Solomon Capistrano

    I read this in total dismay. Advertising companies, such as Google, care less than nothing about customer service.

    The automation of adsense and adwords in fact is meant to eliminate the whole idea of customer service.

    The volume that Google enables is not serviceable in any reasonable way by human beings. Its nice to say they take some calls, 10K a week is really not that much, and since Google doesnt actually DO ANYTHING in response to those calls, its just a tele-friend arrangement where some lucky perosn who found a phone number gets to throw their complaint at a non responding wall for 2 minutes.

    Accepting calls does not equal custeomer service.

    Actually I think a better, more honest result would be for google to never answer the phone, because then they wouldnt be lying to the .01% who do get their calls answered that they will do something for them.

    The ship has no master folks. Dont bullshit me. This is a joke.

  • Solomon Capistrano

    We dont make mistakes. If we do, its just our way. Deal with it.

  • steven654

    Not sure what the news is here. I’ve had a customer service phone number for Adwords since at least 2008.

    Also, I can’t say I’ve got any complaints with the call handlers either (the Ireland-based ones), they’re always well-informed, friendly and helpful. Never had to wait longer than a minute to get through to someone. Every single time I’ve spoken to someone they’ve resolved my problem, if not there and then over the phone then via email after the call once they’ve had a chance to raise it with the technical staff.

    The issues I do have with Adwords is that the system now contains so many new features that it has become completely unstable and unpredictable. Over the years I’ve seen an intuitive and user-friendly advertising tool be reduced to a complicated nightmare that is best avoided, and that’s a shame. Things like Seller Ratings and Ad Extensions – with all their quirks – will make the system topple over before long.

    I actually sympathise with the Adwords customer service team as they’ll be dealing with an increasing number of problems coming their way from confused customers because of Google’s insistence on adding unnecessary new features.