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    They should have just relaunched FROOGLE!

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    I have written an article on the google advisor topic at http://www.searchmuse.com/blog/2011/5/23/google-advisor-future.html but to save you leaving searchengineland here goes with my summary:

    Google is trying to take over the world e.g. this purchase, sparkbuy (they shut it down the day after purchase!) and the other recently condoned usage of the ITA data/ purchase means they are moving more into the comparison arena and figuring how best to do it without biting the hand(s) that feed e.g. price comparison sites that spend big on PPC.

    This service will end up being integrated with comparison ads and/or Google communication ad extensions in some way.

    The purchase of BeatThatQuote helps Google develop this proposition and explains the purchase from a sector knowledge and business relationships perspective.

    Google will end up adding additional products e.g. insurance, loans, utilities, etc and start charging advertisers for ALL leads.

    Google willl extend the product beyond the USA however if moving into the UK they need to be careful as mentioned above not to tred on too many toes