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    While I don’t see a direct link from the Google.co.uk home page, there is a localized UK version http://www.google.co.uk/landing/searchtips/ . No such luck though for non-English cheat sheets, http://www.google.de/landing/searchtips/ and http://www.google.it/landing/searchtips/ seem to return the US English version.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Danny, This is typical of MSN/Live.com, Now Bing…offering something that Google has offered in a re-packaged format for years…it should be fin to see how Bing can and/if they can compete…

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    While Google may have had those features for years, I suspect many of us that search frequently, were not fully aware of them.

    One thing that catches my eye on Bing, is the more web 2.0 look the pages seem to have.