• http://ShawnHart Shawn Hart

    How do you think this will effect reporting in a business owner’s Places account? It seems to me that it may cause an increase in impressions, but those impressions will be much less valuable since they will effectively be a momentary step on the way to the actual search the person was intending. How long does a search result have to appear for Google to consider it an impression?

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    Same as how ads or other organic results are impacted.

    3 seconds is the AdWords impression count rule. Same likely applies to this.

    Of course, if you hit enter or click on a result, that will count as an impression as well. Plus waiting 3 seconds.

  • http://www.webatou.net Nicolas Machard

    This might have a massive impact on seeking for Coupon when normal/current users never thought of it when looking for a specific shop or restaurant…