• http://goo.gl/ZQX5 Michael Dadona

    My personal opinion believes that this is a good move done by Google because I’d tested using this method 6 months ago. I am an American living as an expatriate in foreign country and I invited 2 local authors established local content related to business products in their own language. Proudly enough to mention in this comment section that it’s successfully done completely with high conversion rate (value). Although the published sites are ranked very low but well indexed in Google search results…

    Making that sites powerfully calling marketing investors and now they are planning for their next move to fully invest in AdWords. The key of Google’s success in this area of service is Google provided many useful business application tools that really worked, result speaks itself. Although, by just using blogger.com and /or Google Sites.

    The above two (2) paragraphs of mine are actually seconded all statements made by you about the usefulness of publishing any type of web article in local language. Thank you for posting superb content with lucid explanations for non-proficient English readers to understand and also much thanks to Google for promoting no sign of language content discrimination in their ranking and indexing systems.

  • http://www.realwebmarket.com Pradeep

    Being an SEO and an avid reader of latest trends in Internet Technology, I am wondering that I couldn’t notice this option! And I am really exited to watch them tested directly while reading your post! However, only users who are more concerned towards searching various options available in the navigation area will tend to check out the results from that portion. The rest, may or may not and at this time I can say big ‘NO’. Because, if Google’s idea behind Instant release with intention that user’s tend more, to click on the things what they see than what they type in the search field, then how such users take time to see what’s happening in the Navigation portion? Even if they take time, the link(translate) is not always available directly. It is most of the times under More Search Tools Drop down link. Anyways, this is just my views on the using the latest option.

    Your points about Geo-targeting and how webmasters can adopt, are all very much satisfying and educating stuff! Thanks for the notice and elaboration!