• http://www.letschatbusiness.net Michael Dossett

    I am still getting the \Keep Me Posted\ box. Anyone else still seeing that?

  • http://willdeasy.com Will Deasy

    It doesn’t seem to be rolled out to everywhere yet, some people can’t see the sign in box.

  • http://ilian.i-n-i.org Ilian Iliev

    This box is visible only if you are not logged in you Google account. After you log in you still see the “Keep Me Posted” button.

  • http://bobcaswell.com Bob Caswell

    Inaccurate. You only see the “just sign in with your Google account” page if you aren’t already signed in. Once you do sign in, still get message that Google+ is in field trial.

  • Gavin Brown

    Still not open for those under the age of 18.

  • erikfreeman

    Clear cookies and you get the sign up page but upon launch still get ‘keep me posted’.

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com JNFerree

    G+ seems like it has the potential to give FB a serious run for its money in social networking. Still, how G+ decides to monetize the platform (and how soon they pull the trigger) will likely determine what % of he 1 billion Gmail users convert from FB to G+

    I suspect contextual AdWords feeds will find its way into the G+ Huddles, Hangouts and Spikes.

  • http://www.davis.jobs Alex de Soto

    Nyet! As of 1:15 EDT Sunday.

  • Athar Basha

    I have got it already:-) today one my friend has tried for it and he also got it now

  • Igor

    This is what I see:
    “Keep Me Posted”
    “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

  • http://www.commodoreUSA.net Harry

    I was NEVER invited in and it worked for me the first time I checked which was early on Day 2 of G+. I even checked my SPAM filters..