• Sanil Subhash Chandra Bose

    Is page layout penalty applicable to Google as well in this case?

  • JM

    You are right. I will say that we can’t expect people who start out in the online marketing world to fully grasp each and every marketing channel out there. I’d never trade my experience and knowledge in SEO for anything. I eventually moved into the PPC world and now diving into the Growth Hacker discipline. The moral of the story in that you can never stop reading and learning in this industry. It’s why I love my career.

  • Dean Marsden

    I sort of like the visual aspect. Google promise was a long time ago now, way before its new visual direction and integration of brand weighting and social results. If people search for a brand, having a result such as this is fine and more useful for users. What I’m afraid of is that the payment for these results could be quite high and could exclude many businesses.

  • Ashish Pratap Singh

    if this is limited to branded queries, i find it ok, buy will ruin
    the search experience if it have been rolled out to non-brand queries. (what i am guessing is it will be rolled out to non brand queries as well)