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    Nice explanation on how Google search works.

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    Has he finally worked it out? 

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    Mmmmmm – I could listen to Matt Cutts for hours. What a great summation – all in 8 minutes – impressive!

  • phale2000

    Cutts definitely has a way of explaining things so it is understandable — unlike most of Google’s explanations, he makes it all sound simple

  • Eye Paq

    It looks simple because his not saying to much :)
    But overall this one is a great beginner guide on how things works.

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    a great guide , hope to hear some updates from cutts whenever updates are there

  • Мартин Пацеков

    Great content. Actually, these all the major, let’s say basics of Google, but it’s still a very good reminder of how Google works.

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    Hey Matt,
      It has been discovered that Google gives priority to content rich websites, but what about for sites of organization website or website of any company, especially medium and small scale industry. As a search engine do not you think they must be given good exposure? Can you give some tips for them.

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     “Chicken Little, Britney Spears, Matt Cutts, Katy Perry” Almost genius. Although It’s a fine line separating intelligence and insanity.

  • Rajesh Magar

    Thanks Good one

  • Rajesh Magar

    Well this one is helpful too.
    But here’s the best video to know all about it. (From +Matt Cutts only)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHR6IQJGZs 

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    Good Read! Finally Some One From Google Defined Google Working Mechanics in Deep Detail! Though There are Lot of Question Still needed to be answered in efficient manner, For Instance How Search Engine Determines Content Quality, What Sort of Back Links got Value from Google? Role and Importance of Social Media While Optimizing a Site??

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    He hasn’t really explained in detail, some statements are still vague and unclear.

  • TaylorMiles

    I’m sorry seriously guys….you re post a video of matt with a transcript that could have been done by a computer?  this is worth of searchenglineland post? 

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    This is great and informative.