• http://www.fluxresearch.com/ Clyde Smith

    That’s total bs. To be making that statement at this point in time, after .org and .net have been drained of all meaning and now that country codes power a wide range of tech startups (among other sites), is a slap in the face to actual web behavior. That’s a serious overreach for Google and they should step back on this one. It’s not their web to rule!

  • Travis Prebble

    Oh good! The people of Tuvalu will be so happy to have so much more “relevant” content heading their way.

  • andykillen

    is it just me that finds only 1 out of 7 search engine land posts relevant to anything? talk about a waste of time just looking for link clicks…… damn I’ve just helped by posting…

  • http://www.bleedingcool.com MarkSeifert


    And here’s me assuming all those goo.gl shortlinks had something to do with Greenland all this time!

  • http://www.purposegaming.tv/ Purpose Gaming

    Likely part of the reason behind the Guardian migration…

  • http://copacabana.com/ copacabana com

    or that those youtu.be links all over the web had something related to Belgium

  • http://www.orzilberman.com/ or zilberman

    Though bad for us as marketers and website owners Google does need a way to categorize they’re websites into locals. Sometimes this can be difficult for a crawler as most of the country specific data will be made in shipping area of e commerce website which sometimes they will not get to and can’t get conclusions from so easily.
    As for other website not everyone are spelling out what crowd they address as they build they’re website as audience specific and market it to that relevant audience through many ways, you Don’t see many websites spelling we are for the us.
    The real question should be about brands, if you started a local but expended. You have a brand name which is cc tld and you want to get worldwide traffic but your brand name is not available as .com, will a .com redirect from another domain name will still work to get you real traffic and serp positions in the worldwide Serps?