• Jeff

    I suggested this to Matt Cutts on Twitter March 28th. Doubt I’ll receive any recognition for it.


  • http://seonirupam.blogspot.com/ MrRoy

    Hi Matt

    I have been watching the Google referrer string for a long time. Whenever I need to check my website ranking in Google I used to follow that number [cd=7] in the url string. For doing that I just need to place my mouse over Google “cached” page and I can easily see that number in the status bar.

    Matt, are you referring to that number only or you are trying to highlight something else which I am missing out.

    Similarly, MSN used to show the same way. But now they have stopped showing it. I dint see anything such for Yahoo. Hope they will show something in future.


  • http://www.WebshareDesign.com WebShare

    Nice catch!

    We wrote a quick filter so that you can display this search position right in your Google Analytics keyword reports.

    See here for details: